Many of us have a movie that we adore and love watching over and over again for myself I love watching movies whether it be on Netflix or on Amazon Prime or the old fashion way we all have a movie that has inspired us to be better than what you are today.

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Those movies for me are Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” and Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” as a child I struggled a lot with my situation and being different from everyone else my age since I have to use a wheelchair to be able to live in the society, we live in today

Just like Ariel, I wanted to be a part of a world where I was the same as a kid, I remember watching little Mermaid thinking wow she gets me, and I considered Ariel to be my hero as she faces her own battles.

“The Little Mermaid” and Ariel altogether helped me cope with my situation and having a condition that makes you feel trapped in your body and how Ariel spoke out about her condition and how she was a mermaid and how she wanted to be human.

She helped me come to terms with my condition and my wheelchair as a child and it helped to understand that although you may want to be different sometimes likely not be the way you wanted because you weren’t careful about what you wish for in the long run.

I think about it now as an adult, and I say how different my life would have been if I wasn’t in a Wheelchair what I have met the same people what I have impacted the same people what I have the same perspective of the world? Who knows that perspective what I have if it wasn’t for me being in a wheelchair with my life still be the same what I have chosen the same career path what I have inspired as many people, so I do probably not?

How the Little Mermaid has inspired me to grow into who I am today as a 24-year-old College student wanting to major in English I can definitely say that the Little Mermaid has helped me grow its help given me a voice from a very young age to not

Be afraid of what people may think and you’re always going to have to fight for what you want in life, but there’s also Flipside you may want life to be different but being thankful for the life you have because it could be worse.

Finding Nemo

I got introduced to finding Nemo when I was nine, right when I was heading into the fourth grade and immediately, I fell in love with Nemo and his Lucky fin in the storyline of Finding Nemo is that if you really want something you should go for it and you can’t be afraid of anything.

One of my favorite parts of Finding Nemo,  was when he got stuck in the water filter in the fish tank and he begs for help and he says he can’t and Gill, (one of the fish in the fish tank in the dentist office, that has also gone through tough times) tells Nemo that he has to keep going, and he eventually succeeds.

Finding Nemo has inspired me to be the adult I am today because it taught me a very valuable lesson about and never giving up even if you’re afraid of for the journey may lead you- have to stay strong and hope for the best.

Both Disney movies have guided me through so much in life I’m extremely thankful for Walt Disney and his creative magic and all he’s done for the world.

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