Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more common around the US – and the world in general. People are trying to give up smoking traditional cigarettes for a combination of health and financial purposes and they are turning to e-cigs, which offer an electronic alternative with a range of different flavors of e-liquid and varying strengths of nicotine for those looking to reduce the amount they smoke or to cut down altogether and quit smoking. 

They work through rechargeable lithium batteries that heat up the atomizers for e-cigs, which in turn heat the liquid and turn it into the vapor that is inhaled – the major difference to traditional smoke-producing smoking is that the e-cigarette produces a cloud of vapor. The atomizers for e-cigarette contain a coil which, when heated by the electricity coming from the battery, warms up the e-liquid – a bit like the heating element in your kettle when you go to make a cup of tea or coffee. 

Over the years, the electronic cigarette has gone through dramatic changes, with many now consisting of just one part with a screw-in bottle of electronic cigarette liquid attached whereas a few years ago there would be two, three or even more separate parts all connected which made the device quite bulky and difficult to carry around. 

The flavors were also fairly standard but now there are hundreds of different flavors on the market consisting of different strengths of nicotine so that people can get the ones they like rather than one generic taste. A lot of people even use vapes for cannabis, with products like Stat Flush created to help remove this from the body afterward. There is no denying that the industry for all sorts of nicotine and cannabis products has changed dramatically in recent times. 

Choosing the Best Atomizers for E-cigarettes

This is more difficult than people think, especially for anyone relatively new to the smoking of electronic cigarettes or interested in becoming a ‘vaper’ and wanting to learn how e-cigarette liquids work. Some e-cigarettes come as one device with no separate parts and require the bottle of e-juice to be topped up when it runs out, while others come in two or three pieces allowing the user to remove the cartridges, atomizers, and bottles to be cleaned and replaced. Some atomizers are disposable and others refillable depending on the make and model. 

The very best atomizers heat up the flavored e-liquid and turn it into a vapor, which then moves through the cartridge before being inhaled by the user, or ‘vaper’. The atomizer itself is usually made from five parts, a battery connector, which receives the electrical impulse; an outer casing and bridge, which connect to the filter materials and transports the e-liquid to the heating element.

Then there is a wick that soaks up the liquid and moves it towards the final piece, the coil, which is the piece that gets warm and turns the liquid into vapor. In order to get the best performance from your chosen atomizer, it is highly recommended that you soak it in the e-liquid before you start to smoke your e-cigarette otherwise you experience ‘dry burning’, which can be highly detrimental on the atomizer and can cause it to burn out and stop working far quicker than you would expect.

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