I’ve heard so much about letting go of someone who walked out of your life. Someone who left you out in the cold and how it’s important for your well being to understand that they were a part of the story and not the whole story.

And I agree, sometimes no matter what we may want people are just chapters in the book of our life. But what about those who had to leave relationships? The ones who were forced to end chapters so the book wouldn’t end? Very few people understand the pain of walking away from someone in spite of loving them with all your heart and soul. I truly hope nobody has to choose between their love and sanity.

Healing from something like this is so hard because you’re the one that left. Nobody besides you and that person knows what pushed you over the edge. During such times it’s so easy for the devil to masquerade as God. I truly believe that what matters is your truth. Not who believes you. The truth is still and will always remain the truth irrespective of who believes in it. I understand if you second guess yourself and it’s completely normal.

But if you know in your heart and more importantly, your mind that you can no longer trust and respect them, please leave. No relationship can stand on a foundation lacking in trust and respect. And once you leave never look back. There’s a really beautiful saying, Never run back to what broke you” and nothing could be more true.

Know this, not everyone will understand you and your actions and because of how things happened you’ll most likely not get any closure which may leave you with an odd feeling to say the least. And the worst part in such situations where because someone or something forced you to leave, you left is that while this may make perfect sense to your brain, your heart is confused and hurt.

When someone falls out of love, the feelings disappear over time but in a situation like this you’re still in love when you leave and that is the toughest thing to deal with. They say the opposite of love is hatred, they’re wrong. The opposite of hate is indifference. I truly believe we cannot hate someone we’ve loved so deeply. So I hope and pray that you achieve indifference.

It won’t happen overnight or in a week or a month. It’ll take as much time as it needs to and you know what? That’s completely alright. Think of it as your metamorphosis because once the painful part of healing is over and done with you can finally look back on the whole thing as an experience, a chapter in the book of your life and hopefully you can flip the page and start the next chapter.

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