Pests in our homes can be irritating, and a lot of the time we will simply shoo them away or let them out of the window to keep them away from the house. Many pests are harmless such as flies, bats and small birds- but there are also a few pests which can be potentially dangerous to our health if we let them stay in the house which is why companies like Adam’s Pest Control, Inc. are so useful and popular.


Mosquitos will often lay their eggs somewhere damp- such as your gutters or small crack in the wall or roof. They aren’t just annoying pests though- they can also pose a serious health risk to you and your family if left alone. Mosquitos can transmit a bug called the Zika Virus. It is transmitted through their bite and the virus is injected into the bloodstream. Zika Virus can be fairly mild- with symptoms such as a rash, muscle pain and fever. However, if left untreated it can spread and cause more severe issues. Take a look at this article: Reynolds Pest Control zika virus rash to learn more about the virus.


Mice are a cute pest, and most of the time all they want to do is scurry around and snack on seeds or cereal. They won’t directly cause harm to humans as they are not aggressive, but it is their faeces and urine which poses a threat. When mice walk around your home, they dribble urine. It’s not their fault, but the urine will contaminate any surface it lands on. So if the mice have been running around your kitchen you could be in for a nasty surprise. It dries fast which means you could be preparing food on top of a countertop covered in bacteria-ridden urine. If you begin to notice some signs of mice in your home, contact some pest control experts as soon as possible.


They aren’t pretty, and they are incredibly disgusting if you ever have them in the house. Cockroaches live in the sewers, so you can imagine the kind of risks they will pose if they start running through your home. Cockroaches will come into the home looking for somewhere warm and with food- but as they run through your home and kitchen they leave behind parasites and bacteria which could cause us to get incredibly ill. Just like the mice, they aren’t doing this on purpose- and they themselves are harmless to humans, but simply by coming into the home they can cause issues. They can also pose a serious health risk of asthma sufferers, as when they shed skin and decay, the particles reach the air and are inhaled- causing allergic reactions. This is why many people decide to learn more from Roachspot ( about how to remove cockroaches from their home.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs do bite, but unlike other animals, they don’t transmit harmful diseases. Their bites instead cause itchy rashes, scars, and lesions in the skin- and they can take a huge toll on us mentally. When bed bugs bite us as we sleep, our sleeping pattern is disturbed and we struggle to rest. This can lead to psychological issues such as stress, insomnia, anxiety, and even depression. While they aren’t harmful to our bodies as such, they are harmful to our minds. Check out this ultimate guide on how to get rid of these pesky bed bugs.

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