Have you ever dreamed of being a spy a la James Bond, a deep sea diver or a firefighter? These jobs are dangerous and involve ridiculous amounts of courage and skill in equal measure. While we may daydream about having such a faux glamorous and perilous profession, there are real-life individuals who actually do these jobs for a living.

The more dangerous a job, the less common it appears to be. Even though choosing to work in one of these dangerous roles isn’t for the faint-hearted, they can be thrilling and hugely satisfying. Take a look at these perilous professions and see how your nine to five stacks up against them.

Disaster Responder

While natural disasters on an epic scale, airplane crashes and nuclear fallout’s are relatively rare, they do happen across the globe from time to time. It doesn’t matter where in the world they occur, there are only a select few disaster response teams capable of searching through the rubble, making fragile structures safe, and rescuing human beings.

Hurricane Katrina resulted in a catastrophic loss of infrastructure and life. However, even more lives would have been lost if the disaster response unit wasn’t there to help manage the situation. Unfortunately, there are dangers for these individuals who risk their lives to help others. As well as falling debris, a secondary Earthquake tremor or a building collapse, the act of rescuing someone can damage their long-term health.

Being exposed to the compounds within old fallen buildings may result in a cancer called mesothelioma developing later in life. Builders, construction workers, and shipbuilders may also be at risk. The site nbalawfirm.com/library/louisiana-mesothelioma-attorneys.cfm has an in-depth guide to mesothelioma and its treatments.

Landmine Removal Expert

Even though the use of landmines has been banned worldwide, there are still enclaves of terrorist cells that utilize these as booby traps. There are also old minefields that have since been abandoned and still pose a risk to life. Landmine removal experts, either independent or part of the armed services, risk their lives to ensure the safety of others. Landmines can cause loss of life, limbs or significant life impacting injuries and this is an ever-present risk for the individuals trying to locate and dispose of these weapons.


Mining has been a staple industry across Westernized nations. However, this is also a job that requires courage, tenacity and quick thinking. It doesn’t matter whether it is a charcoal, chalk or graphite mine, there are still deadly gases and chemicals that can be inhaled by miners including asbestos and radon, both of which you will find in this dangerous goods classes list by Storemasta, as well as many more that the miners could become exposed to.

Mineshaft accidents and collapses have also been known to occur like those listed at thoughtco.com/worlds-worst-mining-disasters-3555045. Landslips and gas explosions can result in trapped workers and considerable loss of life above ground also. This is a job that is far from glamorous but is necessary for major manufacturing industries to thrive. With such a high risk job, some employers may request that their employees take a verification of competency course in order to show that they are able to handle the job and are fit for work.

While being a spy or a bomb disposal expert looks cool in the movies, the reality can be far more dangerous. Perhaps your desk job isn’t so shabby after all.

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