As young children, the world was a new place to discover: books to read, woods to explore, friends to meet… It seemed there was no limit to the treasures we could find if we just knew where to look.

Then somewhere along the way, our eyes were turned elsewhere: to the less-appealing parts of life that accompany us as we grow up. There was this new thing called “stress” that took over our lives and magnified the difficulties we faced in school, at work, and even sometimes in relationships.

The magic of the world became hidden to us… until the right people entered our lives. You are probably picturing the faces of those who broadened your world, who encouraged you to pursue the impossible, who showed you that there was more to life than the daily grind.

I am lucky to have countless loved ones, despite the fact that many live miles away, who remind me regularly of how beautiful life is, of how much of the world there is still left to discover, and of how many beautiful qualities I possess that have yet to be recognized.

And more recently, my world has expanded through the people I have met on the worldwide web. Each day, I find new words to inspire me that seem to come at exactly the times I needed to read them. I am thankful for these kind souls who unknowingly impact my life every day by the beautiful poems they write and by the numerous writers they recommend.

Many of the names that top the list are those I read on this website. I am thankful for the new connections I have made from being offered the opportunity to share my thoughts, hoping they will encourage the people who read them.

The Magic of Friendship

“This is contentment: to be at total peace, knowing you are exactly where you need to be, with the people who were always meant to be a part of your life.” – Araceli M. Ream

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