Do you feel like you’re constantly catching bugs? Are your sinuses ever irritated? Perhaps you experience nausea that you can’t find an explanation for. The truth is that many people fail to look at one source of sickness that they are almost constantly in contact with: the home. Your home can make you sick in a variety of ways, and many of them are entirely invisible. It’s time to look at the health of your home.

Hidden Mold

Damp and mold can be a lot more dangerous than it is unsightly. They affect air quality, for one, which we will get into later. Depending on types of mold, however, they can also lead to skin, eye, and nasal irritation and, if someone in the home proves allergic to mold, can provoke even more severe reactions. Keep an eye out for hidden mold in the home if you’re suffering any of the symptoms mentioned, or frequent itching, watery eyes, dry scaly skin, or regular sneezing. Making sure your furniture is cleaned regularly will decrease the chances of you seeing mould in your house. If you do see mould on your furniture, get removal companies UK to come out and get rid of it for you.

Air quality

Dust, mold, animal dandruff and other allergens in the air can prove a much greater long-term health risk than you might imagine. For one, they can lead to and greatly exacerbate respiratory conditions like asthma. Good air quality starts with your air conditioning and ventilation. Make sure you’re maintaining them thoroughly and replacing filters when you need to. Having a good vacuum, such as the best handheld vacuum, could help with getting rid of the dust on your carpet or furniture and could help with improving your air quality.

Besides taking care of your HVAC systems and introducing a little fresher air to the home, the best value air purifiers are a relatively cheap way to ensure your indoor air isn’t cluttered with all kinds of dust and debris. You’ll be able to breathe easy without worrying about what kind of risks it’s exposing you to. Conditions like childhood asthma are on the rise and there’s evidence to suggest that a greater presence of household pollutants in the air is a significant cause of this.

How clean is clean?

You might think that simply cleaning everything spick and span is enough to keep the air quality pure and to avoid the dust and moisture buildups that lead to mold. In some respects, you’re right. However, if you’re overusing chemical cleaners, these can be just as dangerous to long-term health. Besides being carcinogens, many household cleaners using bleach and other irritating products have been shown to impact hormonal balance and help foster antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the home.

Try making the transition to green cleaning products that offer the same level of clean but without any of the risk of these harmful chemicals. Besides being much better for you, they are also better for the environment, lessening your impact on the world.

A lack of light

The final point we will touch on is less about your physical health, but your mental health and the effects it has on you. Style is one thing, but if your style stops natural light from getting into the home, it can deeper effects that you think. Mental health, sleep, and even metabolism are all greatly influenced by natural light.

Seasonal affective disorder is a kind of depression that can be experienced in great part due to a lack of natural light. Lacking natural light can make it harder for your body to effectively “shut down” at night when you want to sleep. Make sure you’re letting it in the home and in your life to keep your body clock and your emotional balance in check.

Pests and pesticides

It should be no surprise that pests, like ticks, termites, and rodents, all bring health risks with them. Besides the potential bites and scratches that can communicate all kinds of disease, if you have pests in your home, you also have pest droppings. Pests can of course be removed from your home by reaching out to an extermination specialist such as Terminix who can take care of anything from termites to bed bugs. Above all, if you notice an infestation in your home reaching out to a team of local pest control experts can help you to tackle the problem head-on.  If you are looking for pest control Des Moines, there are many exterminators that will professionally deal with any problem with pests.

However, it has been shown that pesticides in the garden can have the same kind of adverse health effects as using too many household cleaners and it can even contaminate the water inside the home. Look for less chemical reliant ways of keeping pests out of your house, such as ultrasonic electronic pest repellents. By taking more efforts to secure the household’s boundaries against the outside world, you can give them fewer ways inside the home, too.

Even if it isn’t your home making you sick, there’s no denying that the health risks mentioned here can prove a risk to you and your family. Make use of this advice and ensure that you live in a home that bolsters your health instead of hindering it. Of course, if you do experience any adverse health effects that you can’t explain, talk to your doctor first. The home might play a role, but you want to make sure you’re not missing any crucial information.

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