Every day of the year is a chance to show some love or to say thanks to your father, mother or parent figures. You can do these through varied acts of service, gift-giving, or just spending time with them. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, or you’re just being extra caring, you show love and appreciation in many different ways, with gift-giving being everyone’s favorite. 

Mother’s Day has just passed, and numerous people worldwide showed love to all mothers and motherly figures in their lives. In a few weeks, it will be the turn of the fathers. Father’s Day is usually lowkey and sometimes muted, but love is shown to our fathers nonetheless. Despite being in abnormal times, we can still give love to our fathers in ways that deviate from the usual socks and all. In this article, we will list some of the best novelty gifts for this celebration.

Light-Headed Bowler Hat Light

Let your dad’s inspiration be seen by all. For this year’s version of Father’s Day, show the men that you care and appreciate them by and their thoughts with this unique gift. It is suitable for the writer dads, or the generally creative dads or just as a gag gift. It comes with 3 LED lights.

The hat comes in a size designed to fit the heads of most dads, making it a suitable gift. This can be lit when he is deep in thoughts. The Light-Headed Bowler Hat also doubles as a desk lamp. With this, he can start a museum of novel knick-knacks with this unique entry. This gift is guaranteed to have dad smiling on Father’s Day and any other day as his head, thoughts, and desk can be lit in a way different from the usual dads.

Dichro Chillums

Get your dad excited with the Dichro Chillums from Atomic Blaze Online Smokeshop. They are made from dichroic glass that will allow him to see the contents. Measuring between 3″ and 3.5″ they are small-sized, and dad can use them privately. He can also use this to help him relax.

They come in unique and varied colors that make sure that there is one for every dad. The Chillums can also be used as an exotic ornament or decoration in his man cave. These discreet and hand-crafted chillums are easy to clean and have handle features. Know that your dad will cherish this gift for as long as he lives.

Wooden Nose Eyeglass Holder

Is your dad always losing his glasses? Does he scour the house and end up leaving the whole place in a mess – with the glasses being on his head the whole time? Worry no more. This Father’s Day, get him the wooden nose eyeglass holder. Another novel yet useful gift that holds those pesky glasses safely and securely. They come in a size that can handle most glasses without causing them harm.

The eyeglass holder is made from sustainable wood, which lends itself as an eco-friendly design that goes with any room your dad tends to keep his glasses in. If he spends a lot of time in his office, this will be helpful, especially if there is constant clutter. Give your dad’s glasses a home away from his nose this Father’s Day.

Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe

Chances are your dad is the best in the world. He has been there for you just as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were for Luke Skywalker. Show him how much you love and appreciate his advice with the best gift this Father’s Day. Make him a member of the Jedi council with an embroidered Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe! It comes with a Jedi badge. A perfect way for him to prepare his mind and body before bedtime and bathtime.

If you are wondering if it’ll fit, then the answer is yes. It comes in a one size fits all. Therefore, no dad is left out. The bathrobe is made of cozy fleece and has a giant hood that adds mystery while he dries his hair – if he has any left.


Now that we’ve given you a few cool ideas, you don’t need to give the drab socks and sweater on Father’s Day. Neither should you draw a blank trying to surprise him on Father’s Day. As we have managed to find the best alternative gifts for Father’s Day, you get to show the father figures in your life that they too are unique and very deserving of special gifts.


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