It is common to think that people who work in schools are teachers or administrators. However, such is the importance of holistic development today that many positions in school are actually non-teaching positions.


A large number of non-teaching staff employed by school work in student welfare services. Their job is to ensure the overall well-being of students, and they act as a support to their classroom teachers.

In the Philippines, international schools such as the British School Manila (BSM) have some of the most developed student services systems. Given that their academic instructors are required to be familiar with the international curriculum, few locals are employed in teaching positions. Instead, many job vacancies are offered in the non-teaching staff departments, such as administration and student welfare.

Here are some non-teaching positions that you could apply for if you have the heart for guiding and shaping the paths of the younger generation:

Non-academic tutors

International schools place great emphasis on developing well-rounded students. As a result, many have special programs dedicated to visual arts, music, dance, and theatre. If a student wishes to further hone his or her skills or talents in a particular area, international schools employ tutors, who are musicians and artists themselves, to focus on these students.

The same is true for students who excel in sports. International schools have teams for a wide selection of sports. These teams have access to the ideal training facilities as well as specialized coaching. Hence, teaching PE or coaching a sports team at an international school is also a great career path for a former athlete.

Learning support teams

Not all students find it easy to keep up with rigorous academic demands. Hence, international schools offer to learn support services to assist students who have a hard time keeping up in class. Learning support is specifically tailored to different educational and behavioral needs. For example, learning support is provided for students whose native tongue is not English, in order to help improve their proficiency and understanding of their lessons. Hence, a learning support team can consist of many professionals, including educational psychologists and occupational therapists.

Guidance counselor

With the great pressures and stress that come with the expectations to perform well, students can get drained and burnt out. Worse, they may even be going through personal difficulties that affect their ability to focus on their studies truly.

Hence, many international schools hire guidance counselors to act as confidants and support the students should they be dealing with personal issues. Guidance counselors are typically involved in a wide variety of functions, from helping new students transition to life at the school to issues regarding child protection, safety, and crisis management and intervention.

Career and higher education counselor

Of course, the primary objective of parents when sending their children to international schools is to ensure a good future for them. This includes attending a good university and attaining a good career. Hence, from the very start, schools already begin stressing the importance of planning for the future.

Dedicated higher education and career development counselors are tasked with preparing students for adult life. Their job is to offer advice regarding tertiary educational options and opportunities, as well as the potential costs and benefits. They also help students map out career paths, in cooperation with the parents, in order to ensure that the students are able to maximize their opportunities in life.

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