The weak will attempt to censor your voice. They do not want you to write your stories, sing your songs, worship differently than them, pray to gods they don’t believe in—they demand you be part of the status quo. It is important for you to continue on your artistic journey, or whatever path your soul is traveling. Be steadfast—Speak your voice, follow your intuition, you have a message that needs to be heard.

The strong will inspire, stand and project with you. I think of Josephine Baker. She was so much more than graceful legs and gyrating hips. She exemplified tenacity and grit. Threatening calls from the Klu Klux Klan did not scare her. In 1963, she stood beside Martin Luther King at the March on Washington. She was the only official female speaker there.* I am reminded of all the determined women and men who pressed on with their relevant messages in a world that often tries to shun or quiet them.

The fearful will try to tame you, afraid you might destroy their stone houses, poisoning their minds and those they love. Sadly, fear and ignorance has enslaved them.  If you have a message to convey, be it through writing, public speaking, performing, teaching, the arts, or whatever creative outlet it may be, be resolute and project your message for the edification of the world. The receptive ones will listen and walk with you.

The intrepid will encourage. The evolved will comprehend your creativity, applauding your imagination. You will learn and grow together on perhaps a shared journey, enriching your lives and others.

When you are being true to yourself you are winning, conquering internal inhibitions and fears. Whether or not the words you write are fiction or real, those thoughts, those feelings and emotions being expressed are coming from some place inside the recesses of your mind, heart and soul. You are an artist, a creator, a writer, a poet. And that is strip naked soul baring authenticity in its purest form. That is you truest voice.

*Source: Marie Claire issue March 2017


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Melody Lee has published four poetry/prose collections, including Moon Gypsy, Vine: Book of Poetry, Season of the Sorceress, and Lilies & Lace & Dark Pretty Things (also in Spanish). Her poetry has been featured live on Shrimp Shack Ipswich Community Radio, based in the UK; A Better Media Today, an online magazine; Creative Talents Unleased; Indie Blu(e) Publishing; and Her Red Pen. Coming April 2021, Poems for Girls Becoming Women, an anthology from Workman Publishing.

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