Now that the summer is finally here,  it’s time to get out of the house. Go spend time with friends and family, make memories and get active! However, there are a few safety concerns to consider before rushing out and getting out into the sunshine- and there’s more to it than just applying sunblock (although this is important!) Read on to find out more.

Stay safe in the water

There’s nothing nicer than spending time in the water when the weather is warm, whether it’s at the pool, in the ocean or swimming in a clear blue lake. However, drowning is always a risk, even for strong swimmers. Stick to areas which have lifeguards, and if a body of water has ‘danger’ or ‘no swimming signs’ then take heed. Depending on where you live, animals or fish could be a danger, there could be jagged rocks underneath or the current could be deceptively strong. 

Be careful at festivals and events

Festivals, outdoor gigs, and parties are what the summer is all about, and when you look back on your memories of the year it’s these kinds of things that will stand out most to you in your mind. While they can be a ton of fun and quality time with friends, there are a number of dangers to be aware of. Drugs are the first, whether intentional taking or spiking.

Keep an eye on your drinks, and avoid taking any illegal substances, you never know what you could be taking and it could lead to death or serious illness. The same is true with alcohol, know your limits and drink in moderation. Keep an eye on your friends, making sure they’re not wandering off or feeling unwell.

One of the main concerns when it comes to loud events like festivals is that the music can actually cause hearing loss, the tiny hairs of the inner ear can be damaged even from one very noisy event. Stay away from the speakers, and look into hearing evaluations if you’re concerned about damage. 

Be mindful on the roads

It’s easy to assume that it’s the festive period over Christmas time in December which brings the biggest risk of drink driving. But actually, there’s usually a huge spike in the summer as well. When the sun comes out and people head to events in the sun, beer gardens and parties, far too many still think it’s ok to get behind the wheel.

Be mindful that on sunny days, there’s likely to be these kinds of drivers on the road so just be careful as a road user and as a pedestrian. If you see a car acting suspiciously, get out of the way and report it to the police. Avoid walking down dual carriageways or places where cars are traveling at speed and could easily lose control, and consider safer routes where possible.

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