Need to jump-start your summer?  Here is a list of music released just this year that will keep your days sizzling whether at work or by the pool.


“Familiar” by Liam Payne and J Balvin (SpotifyYouTube)

This song makes you want to get off your feet and dance!

“Invasion of Privacy” by Cardi B (SpotifyYouTube)

Out of the 13 tracks, some favorites include: Best Life, Be Careful, I Like It, Ring, and Thru Your Phone.


“TV In The Morning” by DNCE (SpotifyYouTube)

A current favorite song from their latest album, People to People,  just released last month.

“Voicenotes” by Charlie Pluth (SpotifyYouTube)

Done For Me, How Long, and Attention are some notable songs from this album.


“No Pain (feat. Khalid, Charlie Wilson & Charlotte Day Wilson)” by DJDS (SpotifyYouTube)

If you haven’t discovered Khalid by now, you’re missing out. His soulful voice and catchy tunes will keep you entertained for hours.


“Man of the Woods” by Justin Timberlake (SpotifyYouTube)

While this album still has many of the qualities that loyal fans have always enjoyed about his music, it also captures some of the newer aspects of Justin Timberlake’s life: marriage and fatherhood. You’ll hear these subjects addressed in titles such as Young Man, Morning Light, and Breeze Off the Pond.


“My My My!” by Troye Sivan (SpotifyYouTube)

This final song embodies summer love and is guaranteed to lift your mood.

These sun-sational songs will help keep the spirit of summer alive long after the season comes to an end.


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Araceli has a background in music education and rediscovered her love for poetry after meeting her muse. A resident of Alabama, she divides her free time between her family and her writing. Her poems are listed under the name A.M. Ream on the social media sites she manages.

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