You are YOU! Don’t apologize for it, don’t hide it, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t wish for that fake social media life. What sets us apart from everyone else is our unique characteristics. No two people are the same, not even twins (speaking from experience here since I am a mother of twins). We are created to stand out, make our mark and live freely. We are not created the same because we all serve a different purpose in this life.

Lose the bad attitude, shut the door on negative thoughts and welcome inspiration! I hope this post inspires 1 person out there, then I’ll be doing my job- spreading inspiration, getting you to think and living life the way that makes you happy!

We were not created to be perfect, because quite truthfully perfection does not exist. We all come with our own flaws, ones that define us, that make us who we are. We are perfectly flawed.. There is nothing wrong with how you look, other than what the media perceives one should ‘look’ like image wise.

To tell you we all walk around looking like photoshopped dolls, is not reality, we all know that particular reality only exists on social media pages. To live an abundantly, joyful and peaceful life we need to be able to, this day in age, separate ourselves from the misconceptions of the social media world and stop comparing our image, our lives, our health and our wealth to everyone else out there in cyber space.

When we let go of that self doubt, self pity, and the attitude that everyone else in the world is living a better life than you, then you will start to feel the positive energy return like a power force into your life.  You are not someone else’s created life, you are are you. The most powerful, beautiful, talented, individual that was put on this earth for a purpose. Your self evaluation is always much more important than the evaluation of you by others.

You are in control of what happens next in your life. Whether you quit that mundane job, fly across to the other side of the world,  or whether you conquer your dreams, all this is entirely up to you. Once you take ownership of the path you travel, you are more likely to start seeing the inspiration inside of you come to the surface, to help you achieve those goals. Never lose sight of who is important, that is You. Never lose sight of your visions, your dreams and the fire that burns in your heart, better known as your purpose.

I hope that one day, whether it is today, tomorrow, a month from now or even in a year or so- what ever it is that holds you back, that keeps you comparing, that drives you to ‘do it’ for Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform, finally leaves your life and a wave of positive energy sweeps in to help you achieve those dreams and focus back on reality.

If you don’t hear it often or when you feel like the world has abandoned you, close your eyes, listen to the beats of your heart, the echo of your breaths, the power within you. Believe that you are worthy, you are a force too powerful to be hidden, the driver of your journey in this life, you are alive and there is nothing better than that!  You are exactly who you are created to be, not any other person is like you, no one else compares. Don’t ever change who you are, because you are loved, you are not a number but a human with real emotions.

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Ashourina’s love for writing started from a young age, always being one to doodle words on school books and paying most of her attention to her English teachers. She has a background in law and dispute resolution but spends her nights writing when she has spare time, in between playing Mum to 4 kids. What inspires her to write is the desire to send out hope and love into the world. She finds inspiration to be one of the main things we need in our daily lives, and of course, coffee too. Ash spent her whole life in Australia and made the leap 4 years ago to the U.S!

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