Growing up did you feel different? Like you were the odd one out? I know I did. So many of us feel like we don’t fit in. The reasons vary, some kids feel they can’t get into the cool group or the smart kid wont talk to them. While this may seem like a juvenile concept from my examples, it’s not. As we grow older the trend may just continue but, in an adult scenario. Trying to get your colleagues to like you or being the only one who doesn’t do something everyone else does, like smoking. It could be absolutely anything!

So what do we do when we are in this situation? I think the first step is to identify the mold you’re trying to fit into. Take my example, I used to think I’m weird because growing up I felt people my age were juvenile and as an adult I’m pretty old fashioned, I believe in old school romance not internet dating. I don’t drink or smoke either. These things made me feel alienated from people. I used to think they’re cool and I’m just boring.

The second step would be to ask yourself if fitting into this mold we aspire to fit into would make you happy. If yes, then work towards it. If you feel like you don’t fit in because of your unhealthy lifestyle and truly think changing it would make you happy, do it! If no, well you have the answer don’t you? As I grew older I met people who thought I was wise beyond my years, people who appreciated the quality I thought was an obstacle. I thought people would think I’m from a different decade but turns out there are others like me. People who like to take relationships slow. So you see, it all worked out. As far as drinking and smoking is concerned, I’ve tried it and found that’s its just not for me.

Fitting in is definitely a burden but it’s only so because we make it. We can choose the path we walk on. We can end all the anxiety and stress if we just follow our hearts and do what makes us happy; without thinking of others and their judgement. Be you.

Standing Out or Fitting it: The Choice is Yours - Phoenix Mode: A Better Today Media -

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