Many of us have our favorite seasons between winter, spring, summer and fall, but by far, Spring is the most lovable of seasons. Maybe because it is the season of mild temperatures and sheer beauty with comfortable sunny days, flowers blooming and birds singing. Whatever the reason, we all look forward to leaving the blustery cold temperatures of winter behind and become more alive in the warmth of Spring.

Spring is the most favorite season because:

  • Temperatures are moderate: it is neither too hot nor too cold and most days the sun is shining and temperatures are warm allowing us to lose our heavy winter coats and don spring apparel with lightweight sweaters and clothing. It makes us feel a little brighter, a little freer.
  • We have more daylight: it is a proven fact that some can become more depressed in the colder, darker months of autumn and winter with longer days and less daylight. Springtime brings with it more daylight which means it is light out for longer periods of time, helping to lighten our moods.
  • Trees and flowers are blooming: Springtime is a season of beauty with trees and flowers sprouting up everywhere and we can’t help but feel a little spring fever with the new scents of honeysuckle and rosebuds blooming all around us. Nature coming alive, helps us come alive and we feel happier looking at flowers.  Spring is also the most romantic of seasons. 
  • Spending more time outside: warmer temperatures and longer days can mean more time outside. We feel more creative being outside with exercising, taking walks and exploring nature which helps us feel healthier and more relaxed. We feel revitalized in the fresh air and sunshine.    

Springtime may or may not be your favorite season, but there is an undeniable truth to the magical effects it has on us. How alive we feel, how our moods improve as we become more in-tune with our spirit and the wonders of nature,  proving that “spring fever” is indeed real. Spring is a time of awakening. There is love in the air. -N.R.Hart  

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N.R. Hart started writing poetry at a young age and used her poetry as a way to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. A true romantic at heart, she writes feelings of love, hope, passion, despair, vulnerability and romance in her poetry. She published her first book of poetry “Poetry and Pearls” Romantic Poetry volume 1 by N.R. Hart in December 2015. Hart's second book "Poetry and Pearls" Romantic Poetry volume II was released in December 2018. Her newest book and first hardcover "Love Poems to No One" was released in February 2019. She is currently working on a trilogy of this book with 2 more books to follow later this year. She is also excited to announce she will be working on children's book of poetry in the near future. All N.R. Hart's books are available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble book stores worldwide.

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