It’s absolutely mind-boggling that in this day and age that people are still smoking. For all of the ad campaigns that show the devastating effects of it, no doubt you’ve still got family members who are stubborn when it comes to stubbing. And while the numbers are down, there are still problems out there that link to smoking.

Peer Pressure

It could be traced back to when you’re in school, and while smoking is still socially acceptable in certain environments, such as if you work by yourself, or you have friends who smoke, the negativity of the habit isn’t as commonplace. And you could trace it all the way back to school when you had a sneaky smoke behind the bike sheds.

This sense of peer pressure could be something that stays with you your entire life and turns into professional pressure. After all, if you are working in an organization where the key decisions are made over cigarettes and alcohol, a la Mad Men, you would feel that you need to get in on the ground floor.

A Lack Of Money

Amazingly, poverty is one of the reasons people smoke cigarettes. As people who earn a low income would appear to have so few vices, smoking appears to be a very justifiable one. But with a lot of money comes a lack of affordable health care treatments.

And while the advancements in treating lung cancer, via institutions such as Hera are showing advancements in the treatment of the disease, it’s still something that many poor people cannot afford. As a result, the more affluent are able to get treatment, and the poor are left to suffer.

Mental Illness

Not just mental illness, but mental toughness. While people self-medicate mental illness with alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes, if someone is an ex-smoker, the temptation to relapse when undergoing a stressful period can rear its ugly head. In addition to this, a lot of the media in the past highlighted cigarettes to be something effortlessly cool. And while a lot of effort has been made to eradicate this, it still pops up from time to time, in old movies, and the like. But glamorizing cigarettes has been one of the major downfalls in recent memory.

And the most prominent issue with any smoker is that it’s hard to quit. There is a lot of professional help available out there, but that mental willpower to give up smoking in something that can take years to accomplish. And sometimes, it’s easy for someone to give up and to stay away from cigarettes, but for others, it could be something more earth-shattering that causes them to give up cigarettes. If you are someone who has recently given up smoking and are using vaping as an alternative method, just because you have done some research into something like v2 cigs & why they shutdown, this shouldn’t be a reason as to why you should put down your vape pen and pick up a cigarette again. You made it this far and you can continue to be a non smoker. There is always an answer and everything will get better in time.

Something like the death of a loved one could be the thing to spur them on. But, at least the statistics are showing that we are heading in the right direction. Fewer people are smoking, or, at the very least, picking up electronic cigarettes. Vaping is also becoming very popular in recent years, there are a lot of people who are being to use vaping products like the Magic Vaporizers as a way of cutting down on their nicotine intake. Using products such as vaping pens, disposable vapes, vape carts, and other vaping mods. So, for the next generation, it should be great to grow up in an environment where smoking isn’t seen as something cool.

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