Forget shop til you drop, skiing til your drop is the new best thing. If you’re reading this and have never been on a skiing holiday before, you seriously need to consider one before you chose your average beach holiday again. Skiing has so much more to offer, and is a great holiday for those seeking both adrenaline rushes, and some relaxation would you know! It isn’t all about throwing yourself down a slope, skiing destinations are so relaxed in their own unique way. If you’re curious about what one can do for you, then take a read. If you really would like to ski until you drop, you could have a look into different Kitzbuhel ski property to buy.


Nobody thinks of keeping fit whilst on holiday, well, at least most of us don’t. But with skiing or snowboarding, you’re keeping unknowingly fit and healthy. It takes up minimal effort so you won’t really be noticing much, but it does help to tone you up. Before you travel you’ll most likely want to take a couple of ski classes to get a feel for how to do it. You’ll definitely wake up the next day feeling a little bit sore, evidence that it’s giving your muscles a workout. But once you’ve mastered the art, you shouldn’t feel much pain at all from skiing. Plus it means you can drink more beers and eat more food on your way up to the top of the slopes!


Do you ever see a luxury ski lodge on instagram filled with fluffy rugs, a roaring fire, and what seems to be snow outside. This is what you can find in a skiing destination. They might be a little more pricey, but they’re ever so luxurious. Nothing will make you feel as cosy as this will. There are so many different resorts offering these amazing lodges if you shop around on the internet. There are also your standard hotels that are really nice, but if you want to go the extra mile, definitely try and get your hands on a lodge. For that extra touch of class, see if there’s one with a hot tub outside.


Skiing destinations offer some of the most amazing views in the world, none more so than Andorra. Ski holidays to Andorra will leave you breathless, especially when you get to the top of the slopes. Not only does it offer great slopes, it is a great place for tourism as well. If you head when it’s been snowing, Andorra really does look magical. There’s monuments and museums to visit if you need a day away from skiing. The accommodation there is beautiful, and it is a tax free area meaning that you can also shop til you drop if you wish to. It is a great family destination if you’re looking to do something different. Andorra is a thriving society that participates in the global economy but maintains a degree of separation from the rest of Europe. As a place to live, it offers both easy access to a fantastic outdoor environment and the familiar comforts of modern life. All of these characteristics mean that many people will consider Andorra as a potential destination for long-term relocation after they visit. If you can relate to this, I suggest reading articles on residency on the Andorra guides website for more infomation.

So, has this article convinced you to take a second look as skiing holidays? We hope it has. The have so much to offer, yet so many head to the traditional beach holiday and miss out. With the year nearly over, see what bargains you can grab for a 2018 skiing holiday.

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