Have you tried to picture your life with children, but you’re not quite sure you’re at the right stage in your life for them right now?

Maybe your partner wants them, or your parents are constantly asking you when you’re going to settle down and have them. If you’re going to have kids, it needs to be for the right reasons, and you absolutely need to be ready for them.

Below, you’ll find just a few of the signs that you’re not ready for kids yet. And if you can’t tell by this article, full disclosure, I clearly do not have kids yet.

You’re Young 

Young parents can still make great parents, but when you’re in your early 20’s you’re still figuring out what you want in life, in a partner, in a career, and in yourself.  Take the time to get to know what yourself. Young parents between the ages of 20-25 tend to struggle with education, money, and adapting to the responsibilities of parenthood. If you take the time to figure out who you are before you bring little ones into the world, it gives them a better advantage of succeeding in life and relationships. 

You Like To Travel A Lot

You can travel with kids, but it’s unlikely you’ll be traveling nearly as much when you have them in tow.  For a lot of people who enjoy traveling, but haven’t thought of traveling with them, as parents, this could bring on some frustrations that you weren’t aware of beforehand. Keep in mind that traveling with little ones is a completely different experience from traveling alone, and you’ll need a lot of patience. 

You’re Having Relationship Issues With Your Partner

Relationship issues with your partner will only ever be made worse by having kids. This is a fact. Even if you’re in the right stage of your relationship, it can put a strain on you both. Just think of the strain when you’re already having problems! You’ll both be low on sleep, you’ll likely argue about who’s doing what (or whos not doing what), and it’ll be difficult for both of you in general. You should also agree on a few things with your partner before you have kids: how to raise them, and what your future together looks like. 

You Like Where You Are Right Now

You are free to bask in what you have achieved and created for yourself without feeling the need to keep on pushing forward into this “next step.”  Everybody is always looking for the next best thing, but really, happiness comes from appreciating and accepting what you have right now. When you’re comfortable with yourself, and you’re ready to bring a PERSON into this world, you’ll know the time is right. 

You’re Not Financially Prepared

Kids cost a lot of money. More than you’d probably like to spend. If you’re not financially prepared for kids, it would be pretty irresponsible to have them. You can’t just rely on support from other sources either. You need to afford food, clothes, toys, shelter – and kids grow fast!  You should also have a cash cushion saved for emergencies before you decide to have kids.

You Just Don’t Want Them

Maybe you or you and your partner together decided that kids just aren’t for you. And that’s okay! No one is judging you, certainly not me. You have plenty of options, birth control for one, but maybe you’re looking for a more permanent route, in that case, you’re better off looking at the vasectomy cost instead. 

Feeling under pressure from your nearest and dearest is no good reason to have kids. You should know deep down that you’re ready, regardless of what they say. 

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