Shift happens but not when you focus on the shit that happens. It has become a bit of a mantra recently.

I was asked recently, by a new connection, for the reason behind my shift from a corporate warrior to an empowered thinker. The shift from what I now consider as a life lived under the radar, a life lived pointing fingers at others success and a life lived under the perception of others. She wanted to understand a little of the reason for my shift in life from, what many would consider was a corporate success, to becoming one who helped and supported others.

Like many my life changed when I became honest with myself and realised that the life I was living was not the life I wanted. There is more to life and it’s more than things and goods and status. When finally backed into a corner of trying to fit in someone else perception the choice became easy. Often we know there is more, but we get caught in our own lies and excuses until the pain of staying put, is unbearable. I hope that answers your question.

I now live for the experience of living life on my terms. In 18 days my friend Steve Maraboli visits us again from New York and sharing the stage again with him. I’ve spoken on stage in the US, workshops in Manila and try to progress my life every day. Experience life, the full gamut of emotions, what else is there. These experiences would not have happened if I hadn’t undertaken the shift to change.

Is that you? Knowing there is more, but unwilling or unable to take the first steps to changing your life.

I do know that when I was looking at others and trying to fathom the reasons for their success, I was missing out in discovering the secrets of that success myself. And all that did was lead to frustration.

“Pointing the finger, never points the way.”

Looking at others and failing to look within is not the recipe of success. But like many, I’d put up with this, believing this was what life was about. That life was something you settle for not something that you create. That people who “make it” were lucky, were brown nosers, were liked by someone more powerful. And I am not alone.

When I was finally pushed into a corner, by situations and people, was the day I finally fought back. Fought back against the apathy of the status quo, the apathy of material goods to make me feel better and the apathy of the weekend that fuels the ability to tolerate the week.

Too many of us live a life or blame and denial. Pointing the finger and searching for the reason others are successful, instead of looking within at ourselves and discovering the very promise and potential we possess.

Shift happens, but not when you focus on the shit that happens.




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