Think for a moment about the blessings in life your senses afford you.

Your sight gives you a window into the world, with the many beautiful things around you. From trees to flowers, there is much to enjoy. Your sense of smell can create pleasure, from the scent of a flower to a freshly cooked bun. You can listen to music through the power of hearing. You can touch the hands of your loved one or relish the comfort of a soft blanket. And your taste buds can be tantalized by the many tastes available to you, in whatever foods take your fancy.

Yet, many of us take our senses for granted. It’s only when they are gone, or begin to deteriorate, that we begin to realize the ways in which we relied so much on them. So, here’s the thing. If you don’t maintain the health of your senses, you will suffer down the line. While age will always be a factor in some deterioration, you can still do things now to preserve your senses while you have the benefit of them.

So, let’s look at your sight. There are common myths you need to ignore, for starters, so consider our advice in the linked article. Then do all you can to improve your eye strength. This includes eating your green vegetables, as well as all the other foods that can impact your overall health. The essential vitamins you receive from healthy eating can ward off eye problems, as well as stave off diseases such as diabetes, which can ultimately affect your vision.

In this vein, exercise regularly too. Eating healthily and keeping fit are your best forms of defense against eye-related problems. You should also avoid eye strain. When using your computer or watching tv, give your eyes a break every so often to alleviate any problems. Visit your optician regularly, as they can spot the warning signs of potential eye-related issues, and will advise you accordingly.

And if you have to wear glasses and contact lenses, then do so. While glasses can be an inconvenience, you will cause yourself more eye strain if you don’t. And with regards to contact lenses, be careful not to overwear them (ask your optician), as you can cause your eyes more damage than good.

Listen, here’s some good advice about hearing. Go for a hearing check regularly, and/or take an online hearing test, as it’s better to get on top of any issues before they get worse. If there are any problems with your hearing, there may be good reasons why. While it may simply be a build up of wax, you may have also adhered to bad habits that have caused damage. Using your headphones at too high a volume, being around loud noises at work without adequate protection, or not drying your ears properly after being in a shower, are all ways in which hearing loss can be exacerbated.

Seek advice if you have any concerns, and if you do have to wear a hearing aid, then do so. There are affordable hearing aids available that are virtually unrecognizable, so don’t worry about the stigma of wearing them. If you need to wear one but don’t, your hearing will get worse because you aren’t stimulating your hearing nerves.

Let’s touch upon the matter of touch. As with your hearing and eyesight, your sense of touch does deteriorate with age. While you may not recognize the symptoms in the same way, it is still wise to do all you can to protect the nerve fibers in your hands and feet. This includes cutting down on bad habits such as smoking and eating unhealthily. If you have problems with your blood circulation, take medication prescribed by your doctor. Wear protective gear when around hot surfaces, and do the same when out in the cold. And, while it isn’t always possible to avoid accidents, seek help as soon as possible if you do damage your hands and feet to preserve the overall health of this very valuable sense.

Sniffing out facts on smell, we discovered the following ways this sense can be affected. An infection can cause the sense to be diminished, from the common cold to sinusitis. Certain medications can also cause a problem, as can bad habits such as smoking. If you notice any problems, see your doctor, but there are things you can do to improve your sense of smell before damage takes hold. Staying healthy will help you stave off nasal infections, and you can take action with the advice given here to keep your sense at an optimum.

Finally, we are going to give you a mouthful about taste. If you eat a lot of junk food, drink more than a little alcohol, indulge in fizzy drinks, and smoke cigarettes, you will numb the taste receptacles in your mouth. Therefore, cut down on these bad habits and you will preserve your sense of taste for longer. This will give you the ability to eat and drink those delicious foods that are much better for you than the risky alternatives.

So today, be sensible (sense-able) and do what you can to protect your senses. You will miss them when they’ve gone, so stick to our advice and speak to any medical professional who may be able to help you further. 

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