While many people consider the worst part of an injury is the injury itself – it is actually the bit after. The recovery can be very difficult, but with some self-love, you can make it much easier on yourself. Your brain thinks you’re ready, but your body isn’t there yet – but there is so much you can do. 

Here are a few things that you might consider to help you tackle it with positivity and self-love. 


There are going to be a lot of emotions during the weeks and months following an injury, and it is healthy for you to feel them, and process them. It really helps if you try to implement some meditation during this period. 

You can get some amazing guided meditation to help you understand some of what you might be feeling. The more you can accept and then process, the better you’ll feel You can also learn about relaxation techniques. Using a meditation app, you can start doing a guided meditation to help you learn to recognize your stress source and learn to let it go. The Calm app or the Headspace app are great options for this.


In the early days, many people will be around with grapes and words of comfort. And that is great because it is nice to feel you have that network. But over time people need to head back to work, and normal life. And you are still there. 

You still need support, but you might need to seek it elsewhere. Let friends and family rally around on the weekends, but during the week try and find the therapy that meets your needs. Like orthopedic rehabilitation for bones, pain management for chronic pain, and so on. 

Find what works for you – and use it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need from the people who love you. 


Your stress levels are going to rise, and you need to learn to combat that. While you aren’t feeling 100%, you have the opportunity to learn a new hobby. If there is something that you always have to learn, if you can’t really get around too well, you can bunker down and watch some YouTube tutorials and learn until your heart’s content. 

The great thing here is that hobbies really drive down cortisol levels (a stress hormone), and there is probably little other time that you have had the ability to do this. 


There are some occasions where an injury will change the rest of your life. And you will need to adjust your goals – or make new ones! If you had spent time writing your goals down previously, then you can check them out and edit them to match your new life. If you have never spent time writing goals – now is the perfect time to take the time to do it. Look to the future, what do you want to do in the next few months. What about next year?! Make them fun and exciting too. 

Keeping a positive outlook on recovery after an injury is proven to help people recover quicker. Adjust your goals, look for the silver linings and learn something new in the time you have to do so. 

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