Planning a vacation can be exciting. When you’re vacationing with children or older relatives means that you have to do a bit more research than if you were traveling alone or as a couple.  There are many more things to consider when looking for a  flight, many people opt to charter a private jet like through Jettly for convince and comfort. People need to also think about the hotel room, Air BNB or cottage to stay in.  

By finding somewhere safe and secure, you have on less thing to worry about on your holiday and you can get on with the job of relaxing on your vacation. 

Is it accessible? 

If you are traveling with older relatives or someone with limited mobility, you’re going to need the hotel to have the necessary handicap ramps, elevators, and accessible bathrooms.  

Not all places have these as standard so you will have to enquire before you book and make sure that you are assigned an accessible room or property.  

Is it safe? 

When you get to your destination, do a quick check of your accommodation to make sure that it is safe and secure.  If you are above the ground floor, all windows should have a mechanism that prevents them from opening fully. Make sure that balcony doors are locked and cannot be opened by children.  Check all electrical items and sockets to make sure there is no burning or exposed wiring.  Make sure the door has a deadbolt that you can lock from the inside. 

Another good travel safety tip is to check that it has a safe in which you can store your valuables, if not, leave them with the hotel for safekeeping in their safe and make sure you get a receipt for your items. 

Is it safe for children? 

Having young children with you means you need that extra peace of mind when traveling.  There are companies that specialize in providing family holidays with extra additions such as baby gates, door jam protectors, anchored furniture, gate pool access, and sleep safe cots and mattresses.   

If you are traveling independently, make sure that your child can’t escape out of the doors or access the balcony.  The windows should also not be able to open the full way. Take your own travel cot with you as the ones in hotels can be notoriously dirty which can cause all types of sickness in a young baby.  Before you book it’s always best to check reviews online or ask for recommendations from other parents online, they are always a great source of inspiration  

What to do if your accommodation isn’t safe? 

If, when you arrive, your accommodation is not as described, then you have the right to ask to be moved to a more suitable place.  Your family’s safety on holiday is paramount and you don’t want to spend your entire vacation worrying about everything.  Most hotels will be happy to comply with your request as they don’t want angry guests in the lobby kicking up a fuss, lodging complaints, and leaving them bad reviews.  

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