As we near the end of November and reach the final month of 2017, many of us many be starting to think about the goals we want to set in the new year. New year’s resolutions tend to be one of those things that sound great at the time, but in reality, they can be set up to fail right from the off. Think about the pressure you put yourself under in January just because it happens to be the new year. It’s almost as if we force ourselves to make huge lifestyle changes as soon as Christmas has gone. But most of the time we set the bar too high and come crashing down.

So, to avoid this and strive to be your most successful self in business and in life: you need to listen up.

If you are going to make more than one resolution for the new year: whether that be that you plan on expanding the business overseas, or hiring a marketing agency to increase your reach, making your customers want to click here! Whatever the resolutions are: you need to prioritise them. There’s no point in coming up with 10 ideas and trying to do them all at once, because it is at that point you will give up and stop every single one. Take on the most important one first and work from there.

Take it a month at a time. Just as you would with your financial goals: you will want to take your goals on step at a time. Give yourself a clear goal to stick to and if at the end of the month you’ve achieved that goal, set another one. This is how you will end up seeing the results of your hard work and really begin to appreciate what you can achieve.

Make a plan. You may have heard of the bullet journal: it is a method of journaling which allows you to actively plan out your days, weeks, months and year in one book. If you need some help with sticking to your goals and deadlines: write them down in a bullet journal and hold yourself accountable for the success of the goals. Don’t over face yourself with too many goals though. Keep it simple to start off with and progress from there.

Try and remember the reasons why you are making the resolution. There must be a reason why you want to achieve a certain goal. For example, if you want to expand your business: focus on why you want to do that and it will spur you on to achieve your goal. You need to give yourself constant reminders and rewards for your efforts and you will be more likely to succeed.

Another really great way to hold yourself accountable to your goals is to tell your loved ones or friends what you plan to achieve. This way you will not only get motivation from yourself and your willingness to succeed: but you will also get encouragement from the people who love you and want to see you do well in life.

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