The early days of a relationship are always filled with passion and excitement. Some couples are able to keep this passion and excitement alive for years, but for many couples, the flame can start to gradually dwindle. This doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed – it could just mean that you need to find that spark again and rekindle the passion that brought you together.

Here are just a few ways to keep a long relationship thriving so that you’re constantly re-experiencing that feeling of falling in love.

Try new things together

Most relationships start off exciting because everything is new. Some couples try to recapture this initial excitement by reliving the first date or taking part in old activities, but in many cases, this isn’t what is needed to rekindle the relationship. Instead, you could be better off trying new things together to help build the excitement. This could include going to new places together, trying new activities, tasting new foods together or simply trying new things in the bedroom. By doing new things, you’ll both show new sides of yourself and build new memories to look back on.

Set exciting joint goals

Having joint goals can also help restrengthen your relationship. These need to be exciting goals that both of you are passionate about such as saving up for travels, planning a wedding, planning to lose weight together or learning a new skill together. Try to both make a pact to be positive about this goal and motivate one another.  

Make surprise romantic gestures

Romantic gestures shouldn’t just be reserved for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Surprise each other with gestures for no reason. Flowers are the most classic symbol of romance and could be a great gesture to start things off. You could also try cooking a surprise meal, planning a surprise date or simply sending a romantic text whilst your partner is at work. Such surprises can help to keep a relationship exciting.

Publicly praise your partner

For many couples that have been together a long time, social events are no longer a chance to show one another off. Instead, many couples end up teasingly mocking one another. Whilst this may all be innocent fun, offering some public praise can sometimes be a great way of showing your partner that despite all the banter, you still really are proud to be their partner. Make a point of bragging about some of their positive qualities at your next social event. Of course, you should also complement each other in private, however complimenting each other in the company of other people can have more of a positive impact by showing that you’re not ashamed to confess your love.   

Get physical

Keeping up physical contact in a relationship is also important. This is more than just sex – simple acts of physical contact such as kissing, cuddling and holding hands can be just as important. If you feel that you no longer touch one another as often, try taking steps to physically reconnect.

Talk to one another

Simply talking to each other is also important. Many long-term couples can become passing ships in the night with barely a word spoken between each other each day. This is particularly common with couples that may work different shifts or couples in relationships where there are other commitments such as children and pets that often get most of the attention.

If you live hectic lifestyles, you may have to make time to talk to each other. This could involve getting someone to babysit the kids so that you can both go on a date (make sure no friends or family are invited along so that it’s just you two). You don’t have a deep or personal conversation to rekindle the relationship – a light-hearted conversation could be just as important for allowing you to reconnect.


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