It is important to recognize when your relationship might have taken a nasty turn, and if it may be leading you and your partner down a really unhealthy road. Here are some red flags that are common in an unhealthy relationship and how to recognize them. Remember – never settle for someone just to be in a relationship – your self worth, safety and happiness is so much more important.


This is an important red flag to notice as it could lead to your partner to completely isolating you from your friends and family. If your partner is constantly discouraging you to go anywhere without them, see your friends or family, or continue with well-loved hobbies, this is a sure sign of possessiveness. It may also be worth observing whilst you’re out together how your partner reacts when anyone tries to strike up conservation. It’s one thing to make their presence known and join in with the conversation; it’s another trying to pull you away from any social interaction whatsoever.


A partner with an addiction can cause a lot of problems in even the most healthy of relationships. It might be helpful to suggest that they look into something similar to arc rehab portsmouth so they can start to make positive changes working towards having a healthier relationship with their vices. It can lead to lying, arguments and in some cases even violence. If you suspect your partner has an addiction – whether it be to gambling, drink, drugs etc. – it is important to talk to them about the option of seeking help. Even choosing to go to could be the answer to helping someone who is currently suffering from a drug addiction. We can all do with some help in times like these.

There are plenty of specialized resources and professionals who can help you and your partner get back on your feet. Great examples like this center which help rehabilitate families after a drug addiction and this organisation that helps to deal with a gambling addiction can be found extremely easy on the internet and near to where you live. Your partner needs to understand no improvement may cause your relationship to end, or if they don’t seek help and you are worried for you or your partner’s safety, you may need to seek professional advice without your partner’s knowledge or consent.

Lack of Trust

Trust is one of the most important qualities in order to have a healthy relationship. A severe lack of it can add to the possessiveness previously mentioned, and lead to explosive arguments about little things. If your partner explodes at just a text coming through to your phone, asks to actually go through your phone on a regular basis, or feels the need to know exactly where you are and who you are with 24/7 – it’s a serious sign of a trust issue. Especially if you have given no reason for your partner not to trust you – it’s important to approach this topic with caution and try to talk to them about it. If it doesn’t improve, it may be time to walk away.

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