You may not even realize the importance of tradition and the role it plays in your life until much later when you look back at your childhood memories and remember all the good times you had with your families and friends. These traditions become our legacy that we hand down from generation to generation.

Traditions are powerful in each family and so much more than just presents and gifts. They become a ritual that we create and practice with each holiday handing down to the next generation. They bring families closer together and this precious time spent creates new memories to cherish. But the ones affected the most are children. Children love rituals and traditions as they provide a sense of comfort and security. They are fascinated by the smallest things such as reading a Christmas story together, leaving cookies out for Santa on a special cookie plate and hanging their favorite ornament on the tree. These are the things we remember so strongly as children that stay with us into adulthood.

Traditions are a great way to pass down stories of faith and customs throughout the generations. They hold a sense of belonging, comfort, and peace in our lives.

 Here are a few traditions to create with your family and friends:   

  • Go on shopping dates and visit different malls enjoying the decorations
  • Bake and decorate cookies and treats using old family recipes
  •  Making personalized Christmas cards to send out
  • Watching holiday movies and popping popcorn
  • Cutting down your own tree to decorate
  • Enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas, go caroling, walk around town enjoying the festivities and lights
  • Visit family and friends exchanging cookies and gifts spending time together

Remembering our favorite Christmas traditions and reliving them brings about a feeling of warmth and solace in our lives, no matter how difficult life can become. One small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life such as donating food, clothing or cooking a hot meal for the needy. Even the smallest traditions can last the longest in our minds and hearts. It is so important to take the time to create memories, spreading kindness and love during this magical season. -N.R.Hart


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