Relationships can be a wonderful source of happiness, but at their best, they should also be a source of inspiration.

When you choose to be with someone, you are choosing to see the beauty within their heart and the beauty of their dreams.

Too often, we choose people who don’t see the vision we have made for ourselves. They think that it’s far fetched or impractical. Or they might simply not understand it or have any desire to try and grasp it. And, if we are around that kind of environment for too long, then it just may make that glimmer of ambition fade out.

The wrong person will make you feel guilty for pursuing things or may even make you second guess your ability to achieve them. The wrong person will critique your attempts at leaving your comfort zone instead of jumping out of it with you.

But, the right person will rally with you. They will feel the fire within you as you talk about your passions, and they will help you nurture them. They will do anything in their power to be there beside you as you fight for the things you love.

They will accept you as you are, but make you feel like you have always been capable of being the person you dream of becoming.

They will accept that you may have to devote time and energy to a passion project or a personal goal, and they won’t make you feel guilty about it. They’ll stay truly interested in it because this is exactly what makes you who you are.

Because he may be the man of your dreams, but you still have to make the rest of the dream a reality. And it’s that hardworking and determined personality that made him fall in love with you in the first place.

But it isn’t one sided, you’re right there alongside him supporting his dreams with the same gusto that you use to pursue yours. Because you know that one of the best parts about being in love with your best friend is being able to grow with them.

It’s giving them the courage to step out into the world and put it all out there. It’s helping them see the potential that was always within themselves. It’s striving to be the best version of yourself while helping them do the same.

Because the best love stories are the ones that continue to change, grow, and improve. The ones where you can share your vision of the world with each other with no fear because you know that they are willing to make the climb with you to get that view. 

So, never settle for less than that. Never be with someone who can’t see the beauty in your dreams. Because your dreams are you. And, they are worth fighting for too.

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