Have you been a victim of your own mind? Lying awake at 3am with the movie of your past playing in annoyingly minute detail in your head? Well, this is for you.

Let me begin by saying this- This is perfectly normal. So many of us go through this and it keeps us awake at night. Sometimes your brain just turns nostalgic while other times it shows you how you could have been/done better in a situation. And I don’t know about you but late at night all I want is sleep, not unwanted re-runs of my life.

When this happens, it’s easy to get sucked into the whirlpool of emotions, emotions which you may not want to feel.

So remember this – You are not your past. You are so much more. Live in the present. The future holds so many adventures, love and happiness in store for you. They say never let an old flame burn you twice (pun intended) and it couldn’t be more true. Your past is your past for a reason. Let it stay there.

Though it may seem that you’re stuck, you’re not. Everyone deals with life differently. Your progress is your own. Don’t compare it to another’s.

Look forward to your tomorrow. You’re on your way to becoming the person you aspire to be. The road is going to be riddled with obstacles but keep going because just when you think you’ve reached your limit, you’ll realise you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Sometimes when the world seems bleak and things aren’t going your way the one person you should never stop believing in, is yourself. So believe. You are your own knight in shining armour. These thoughts and your past cant control or affect you for long. You’ve overcome so much more than you thought you ever could. So sleep because the next morning, the world awaits.


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