Swimming pools contain chemicals, and chemicals can cause damage to your hair. To protect your locks, read on.

Wear a cap – There is only one place to begin, and this is with wearing a swimming cap. This will provide you with ultimate protection. Caps may not be the most stylish piece of swimming attire you will come across, but they are exceptionally practical and they will get the job done. By ensuring your hair is safely tucked in a swimming cap you don’t have to worry about it touching the water or being affected by the chlorine. The benefits don’t end there either. Did you know that a swimming cap could also help to streamline your technique? Therefore, if you are swimming for athletic purposes, you may notice an improvement in your efforts.

Treat your hair with natural oils before swimming – One of the ways you can protect your hair from the chemicals found within swimming pools is by treating it with natural oil beforehand. You have plenty of options available, such as coconut oil or jojoba. Natural oils will help to seal your hair cuticles, which will create a physical barrier from all of the chemical elements.

Wet your hair prior to swimming – Before swimming, you need to take a quick shower to ensure all of the dirt is washed off you. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid of getting your hair wet when doing so, in fact, this is encouraged. Why? Well, if your hair is wet it will soak up fewer chemicals once you get into the pool. 

Don’t shampoo before swimming – Whilst you are advised to get your hair wet before you go for a swim, you are not advised to actually wash it with shampoo. This is an extremely vital tip. Shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils and these oils create an essential barrier when protecting your hair from the chemically treated water that is found within swimming pools. Therefore, if you do not wash your hair beforehand you will benefit from a much better level of protection. 

Do condition your hair beforehand – You may find it odd that you are advised to condition your hair before but you are not advised to shampoo it. Nevertheless, conditioner can act in an identical way to natural oils, i.e. it will create a barrier to protect your hair from the chemicals that are found within the water. Thus, if you don’t own any natural oils, simply use a bit of conditioner instead. You can buy deep conditioners to use as well, which come highly recommended. 

See a specialist if you notice any problems – If your hair has started to thin or the condition of it is getting worse and worse, see a specialist to determine whether it is from swimming pool use or something else. They may recommend some form of hair loss treatment. You can read FAQ on PRP for hair loss to get a better understanding, as this is widely considered the best hair loss treatment today. It can be worrying to notice hair loss, but it’s something many people experience, and there are solutions out there!

So there you have it – key pieces of advice to follow if you want to give your hair better protection when you are swimming!


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