Most of the human race has a strong connection to music. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry or celebrating?,? music can make these times in our life better or worse.

For me personally music is so important in my everyday life. I have always used music to express how I am feeling. I appreciate ALL music and there is not a type of music that I couldn’t find a song that I enjoy.

Music has helped me cope with loss of a loved one. It has helped me express my love to my spouse, my kids and my family. It has also helped me through my darkest times? and has been my best friend when I felt like I was alone.

I have always been fascinated on this subject and I would love to share what I have learned from personal experiences. ?I?f you were to look at my Playlist you would find I have specific music for how I am feeling that day.

Sometimes I like my music loud, blaring through the best self powered speaker I have, but other days I would prefer to go for a walk with my earphones in.

My happy Playlist has a mix of upbeat tunes. I love country when I am happy and carefree. Also songs that take me back to happy times in my life. Some specific artist I enjoy are; Chicago, Beyonce, Michael B?u?ble and lots of hip-hop. ?

My sad music consists of any type of genre ?but I tend to be drawn to ballads?. Some of the best ballads are actually by rock bands. “Dear God” by Avenged Sevenfold is incredible. Khelani “This Letter”, any Josh Groban. I love music that makes me feel something, especially when I am sad.

We can use music to make us feel a particular way in a particular situation. If you embrace music it can help you make memories ?more memorable. ??I ?could be listening to 80’s or 90’s music and it brings back happy or sad memories, even memories that I thought were gone.

Pay attention to how music makes you feel. If you are sad try listening to music that makes you happy. It is a scientific fact that if you listen to positive music when depressed it can help you feel happy. Listen to relaxing music when you feel stressed out or overwhelmed. Every night before bed I put on relaxing music throughout my house to help everyone get calm and wind down.

I hope that everyone gets the same positive experiences from music as I do. Sometimes it is the best medicine in my opinion. ?


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B Barnes has a Bachelors in Health Administration. She is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. She is passionate about caring for others and making a difference. She believes that we create our own success and believe that if you put your mind to something you will surprise yourself.

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