For some people, a glance back at the past can be bitterly painful, almost like reliving an injury involving one’s body rather than the heart and the mind. However, it can become a powerful form of validation when compared to the current victories one has accomplished.

Because of modern technology, it’s possible to receive daily reminders of past memories over the years. Whether it is a single year or nearly a decade, it is always interesting to spend a moment back in that period of time, recalling the occasion that was documented on that particular day.

 There are other ways the brain is triggered and jolted back to the past. Physical senses are powerful recorders and provokers of long lost memories. In some cases, a mere song or scent serves as a time machine, making one feel as if he or she has traveled back to the day associated with it.

 Whenever these moments occur, they can be wonderful opportunities for reflection and comparison. A negative experience can be overwritten as a learning experience or even as preparation for helping others who are suffering through similar difficulties.

 Whether or not one documents days, digitally or by hand, it is important to realize that the past happened for a reason. Specific events, however random or insignificant, paved the way for who a person is today. Use them as a tool of comparison or as a motivator to take life into a positive perspective each day.
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Araceli has a background in music education and rediscovered her love for poetry after meeting her muse. A resident of Alabama, she divides her free time between her family and her writing. Her poems are listed under the name A.M. Ream on the social media sites she manages.

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