I have two young children and I have been dreading this day for some time now. My 5-year-old daughter is starting kindergarten and I am terrified.

I want a great education for my kids and I want them to enjoy school like I did. This day and age preparing your child for school especially when you can’t afford to put your child in daycare or preschool makes it rough. If your child cannot go to daycare you are in for a full time job teaching them what they need to know before they are ready for school.

I have found some wonderful tools over the last few years like, ABCmouse and I was recently introduced to a book series, “Southwestern Advantage“. These books are progressive, you can teach your child by their age group. My kids love them and reading time is always fun and interesting.

For all of you with children that go to school, you know that you must constantly keep your child engaged. I do my best and set aside about an hour a day for learning, whether it be reading, drawing, singing songs and teaching my daughter to write. I keep a schedule and stick to it no matter how tired I am.

I encourage my kids and always tell them how proud I am of them and how smart they are. I think that building confidence from the beginning is crucial in our society.

I look forward to seeing my kids go to school and I am fully dedicated to doing what I can to help them succeed.

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