Whether you are dealing with anxiety and panic attacks yourself, or one of your loved ones is suffering from this life-impacting mental health issue, you might want to find the right ways of easing the symptoms and restore normality. Anxiety still has loads of stigmas attached, and there are several misconceptions about the condition that might prevent people from seeking effective help. Below you will find nine facts that will change your views on people suffering from a mental health disorder, and help you find the right solution to their personal circumstances that trigger panic attacks and cause anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Impacts Every Aspect of Life
When people suffer from anxiety, their life changes for the worse. Some people will develop social anxiety, and not leave the house for days or weeks. Others will start worrying about driving on the highway, or even getting behind the wheel. They might try to avoid the situations that trigger anxiety, and – as a result – lose their jobs, friends, or even make things worse by not seeing a professional, due to not leaving the house. Anxiety can ruin careers, social life, and even relationships.

Anxiety Can Kill Relationships
If you are in a relationship with a person who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, you might find their behavior unreasonable. They will feel like they are being watched in the restaurant, or feel uncomfortable in social situations and withdraw. People with anxiety will talk about their worries too much, and lose their connection with reality. They will be less likely to focus on you and what you have to say, as they will be preoccupied with what their inner voice is telling them.

The First Sign of Developing Anxiety Disorder Is Worrying Too Much
You can spot anxiety at an early stage. If you notice that you or your friend start worrying too much over little things, and try to avoid certain activities, you need to start seeking help. The sooner you address the negative thoughts the better chance you have to solve the problems before they would escalate. People with anxiety are worried about being late, leaving something home, the traffic on the road days before they go on a road trip, and other things that don’t even cross others’ mind.

People With Anxiety Find It Hard To Trust People
Another reason why people who suffer from anxiety find it hard to build healthy relationships is that they find it hard to trust people. They believe that they are unlovable and worthless, and they don’t take compliments well. If you praise them, they will start thinking why you are saying nice things, instead of considering that you might be genuine and honest. They will be influenced by their own inner thoughts, and ignore anything that comes from the outside.

Intelligent People are More Likely to Suffer from Anxiety
The main cause of anxiety is overthinking, and intelligent, analytical people tend to think more about issues than others. Easy-going people will not consider the “what if”-s, but intelligent people will. Apart from intelligence, loneliness, and lack of positive affirmations can cause or worsen anxiety disorders. It is easy to tell people with anxiety to “just do it”, but they will always come up with an excuse why things might go wrong.

There Is Always a Trigger for an Anxiety or Panic Attack
If you would really like to help your loved ones beat anxiety, you need to look out for triggers. It might be that somebody made a negative comment about them, or they are constantly comparing themselves to others. They might be worried about driving because when they were children they were involved in a car accident. There is always a reason why our brain is giving us unrealistic predictions. Once you have an idea what the triggers are, you will need to sit down with your family member or friend, and ask them to talk about their problems; either with you, or a mental health professional. The main problem is that the majority of people either don’t admit that they have issues, or don’t want help.

Anxiety Causes Physical Symptoms
Anxiety also impacts the body. It can cause several symptoms; from migraine to indigestion. Some people will develop sharp chest pain, while others will lose weight or stop eating completely.  You will find that people with anxiety will live sedentary lives, therefore, inviting them to your next yoga class would do them good.  People who suffer from anxiety will also feel uncomfortable exercising in front of people, being afraid of others judging them, so you will face a challenge trying to get them out of the house.

People With Anxiety Take Their Feelings as Facts
The main problem with anxiety is that the person will listen to their inner negative thoughts more than others. Every negative thought about their appearance, worth, qualities, and skills will be taken for granted. At the same time, if you are giving them contradicting messages, they will be ignored. People with anxiety live inside their head, and accept all negative thoughts as facts, instead of taking a step back and checking their validity.

Maximalist People Suffer from Anxiety More
Maximalist people and perfectionists are more likely to beat themselves up over not achieving a higher grade, not getting the promotion, making a mistake at work, or not being productive enough. They will worry about their performance, and if they don’t achieve their goals, and are less than perfect, the negative thoughts will start flooding them. They are not your usual laid-back friends who say: “next time I will get the job”.


If you or your loved one suffers from anxiety that impacts their everyday lives, it is time to look at the triggers, and seek professional help. Simple mindfulness exercises can help individuals understand that the negative thoughts don’t reflect on the reality, and they are worthy of being loved. The hardest thing for them will be to learn to love themselves again, but a mental health professional can help them rediscover their values.

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