Are There Any Natural Painkillers?

While over-the-counter and prescription medication can be the most effective form of pain relief, these painkillers may come with side effects. Many of us may feel we need a break from popping pills. In these cases, many of us turn to herbal supplements. But are any of these natural options really effective?

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that many of these herbal solutions can, in fact, be very effective at beating pain. One notable ingredient is turmeric, which some claim to be as effective as any over-the-counter drug. This spice is part of the ginger family and is commonly used in curries and mustards. When taken as a powder extract, it can be effective at beating pain such as joint pain and muscular pain.

Capsaicin is also a natural painkiller than many people turn to. This substance is extracted from chilies – it is the ingredient that creates that spicy kick. Many topical creams contain capsaicin, which can be applied to areas of the body to offer targeted pain relief.

Devil’s claw is another ingredient that is often used for pain relief. Those with lower back pain find this plant extract to be particularly effective due to compound harpagoside. It is commonly taken as an oral supplement, but can also be consumed as a tea.

There is also cannabis. While illegal in many parts of the world, an extract known as CBD is commonly available in herbal pharmacies across the world – this extract possesses all the pain-relieving properties of cannabis without the high. CBD oil’s effectiveness as a pain reliever can be dependent on individual terpenes contained within the oil. The infographic below explains the individual effects of some of these terpenes. 

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