Natural beauty comes from the inside and when your skin is glowing, your hair is smooth and your teeth are pearly white, you can really tell the difference. Making the most of your natural beauty is as much about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it is having a lucky set of features. Your whole lifestyle can affect the way you look and anything from smoking to stress can change your appearance.

Fortunately, since maintaining your general health is all it takes to be beautiful, you can also improve your looks with some simple, natural methods that will make you feel as wonderful as you appear. Looking after your teeth, hair and skin is quite simple and eating healthily, drinking lots of water and sleeping well will give your complexion a boost.

With a little bit of care, a few hints and tips and some tender loving care, you will notice a huge difference. Here’s where you need to start.


When you have your photo taken are you happy to grin at the camera or are you shy about showing off your teeth? Your teeth are so important because they can affect the shape of your face as well as the way you speak and the way you smile. Keeping your teeth in good condition will make a huge difference and give you so much more confidence.

Speak to a dentist like DentaCare of Knoxville about how cosmetic dentistry could help you. Anything from teeth whitening to full dental reconstruction could be a great way to make sure that your natural beauty stands out perfectly in every picture. Because uneven teeth can cause some problems with your dental hygiene, it is usually a good idea to get them straightened out. Even if you are afraid of the dentist, going now will mean that there are fewer problems to deal with later down the line.

Over the years, as your top layer of enamel wears away, your teeth will be yellower in appearance. While this isn’t a problem for your oral hygiene, it isn’t exactly going to give you that gorgeous Hollywood smile. To avoid staining your teeth further, try to stay away from food and drinks that could stain a white cotton t-shirt, as dentists say that they will also stain your teeth. You should also avoid smoking as the tar in cigarettes will stain your teeth too.

For the best teeth, you should make sure that you brush regularly, visit the dentist for maintenance and brush soon after eating or drinking anything that might stain. Luckily, all this advice is good for your overall health too!


Your hair is one of your greatest assets and keeping it in good natural condition is the best way to make sure that it looks amazing every day. Though everyone’s hair is different and there is no set of rules that will suit every type, finding a method for luxuriously soft hair is definitely possible.

There are lots of tips for maintaining great hair, but at the top of the list are washing it in cool water and minimizing the use of products. With all the hair products on the market and all the articles saying that you must try x, y and z, it can be all too tempting to use everything while you style. However, the less you use on your hair, the better condition it will be in.

Similarly, using heat to style your hair is going to cause problems. Overheating will cause the tips to dry out and become brittle leaving you with split ends. A good tip is to make sure that you use plenty of protective spray and to give your hair a blast on the cool setting of your hairdryer. This will help avoid frazzling your hair and maintain it’s soft shininess.

You may also wish to consider reducing the amount you wash your hair. While everyone will need to wash their hair at different intervals and people with curly hair may only need to wash it once a week (or less!), no one needs to wash their hair every day. If you are washing your hair this much, you may be drying out your scalp, causing an overproduction of natural oils. If this is the case, you should probably change your shampoo and consider using dry shampoo in between washes.  


Beautiful skin is the foundation of your natural beauty and though you might be tempted to layer up on makeup to hide your imperfections, this can cause your skin problems later on. This is because many foundations block your pores causing spots and drying out your skin. Plus, taking your makeup off at the end of the day will take off another layer of moisture.

Though you might be nervous about going makeup-free when it isn’t your usual habit, it can actually be really freeing and you will notice how much better your skin feels almost instantly. You will feel lighter and fresher and you will also save so much time when you are getting ready in the morning!

While you are always going to have the occasional spot or dryness, your skin is actually quite simple to look after naturally. Drinking plenty of water will help to keep your skin plump and glowing, while taking a walk in the sunshine will increase the amount of Vitamin D you get. A healthy diet will also keep your skin in top condition while getting enough sleep will allow your skin time to rejuvenate overnight and heal.


Natural beauty comes from the inside and taking good care of your body with a healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise will give you a healthy glow like no other. You don’t have to completely ditch your beauty regime but reducing the amount of makeup you wear and washing your hair less often will make you feel great as well as save you time.


All you have to do is try changing your habits for one week and you will see a real difference.

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