With Valentine’s day approaching, Love is in the air! I wanted to touch on the power of poetry and why we seem to gravitate towards it, especially when we cannot put into words, our own thoughts and emotions.

Poetry expresses what we are sometimes unable to express ourselves. It gives shape and meaning to our feelings, helping us to discover and understand them a little bit better and to know we are not alone in feeling a certain way. We take comfort in knowing we are not alone. Poetry is proof our feelings do exist and that they are valid and they are real. And, it is right there in writing for us delve in deeper and explore our own heart and soul. Poetry gives our feelings a voice.

Here are my top 14 Love Quotes for your Valentine’s Day! Love, N.R.Hart

“Different people bring out different worlds in us… but I fell in love with all the worlds in  you.” – N.R. Hart

“Not everyone can read your mind but only soulmates can hear your thoughts.” – N.R. Hart

“I need you in my life in ways even I do not understand not to keep breathing but in ways that leave me breathless.” – N.R. Hart

“You feel so familiar I must have loved you in more than one lifetime.”  – N.R. Hart

“Following my heart always leads me right back to you.” – N.R. Hart

“And, then I kissed you like a deep devouring kiss. The kind you just want to disappear in and never be found again.” – N.R. Hart

“Perhaps you are romantic like me. One who loves with their soul.”- N.R. Hart

“Our eyes met wildly the very first time holding depths so familiar as if we met in another lifetime.” – N.R. Hart

“Souls find comfort in one another, separation is not possible.” – N.R. Hart

“You tasted of moonight and sin, twilight and mist, silence and longing, war and love.” – N.R. Hart

“I have set your heart on fire you will never burn like that again except with me.” – N.R. Hart

“And, that’s how you know just how much you miss someone, when you are consumed only by one thought… when will you see them again.?” – N.R. Hart

“He is her strength. She is his weakness, and together their love was magic. ” – N.R. Hart

“And, broken hearts keep beating just the same even while breaking even in pieces you can never silence love. Not ever.” – N.R. Hart

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