Coping with life is the hardest most beautiful thing we can ever do in our lives. That’s why when we see others rise up in life it’s almost awestriking in that sense. A long time ago within our society, there were rituals to get us through those hard moments. To hold our energetic selves.

But, as we advanced the larger part of society walked away from those rituals. In its place silence stood there and held our doors shut. For the people that can reach out and move mountains and create inspiration through their work; There is truly an aura about them that seems untouchable and many people are left with thoughts in their wake. “How did they do that? What are their secrets?” The secret is very, very simple.

Are you ready?

Take a deep breath here. They understood that their soul and personality itself needed to shift and heal. Their plot twist on life was just around the corner and big things could be created and birthed outside of themselves that could impact the world.

They each took the time for themselves to heal. About a year and a half ago now, I took hold of my own plot twist and I started to heal myself up from the inside out. Spiritually, and in my physical world I was a fucking mess. I thought in my everyday life I was suffering from panic attacks, and hearing things that I swore were not there. Spiritually, everything around me was exploding, in the spiritual world, we say, “You are experiencing a level up”, in the real world you are terrified and feel like you are losing your goddamn mind.


I reached out to someone that I knew had more of her shit together then I did. It changed my world, things became clearer and made more sense. Now I can safely say that yes; I’m still experiencing all those things but, I’m dealing with it way better these days than I ever was before.


Together I and my friend Nancy Hess built a community to catch you when you fall spiritually, called The Crow Conjuring for when your life is just being an extra douche bag diva and you don’t know what is up or down. The Crow Conjuring is a no bull shit, no hand holding spiritual healing subscription website that honestly everyone needs. We all need moments of self-care, self-realization, and magic. We all need tough love and the kick in the ass to get us off our asses.


This is some of the things and more The Crow Conjuring has done for myself and others. It helped me gain the confidence to own my damn magic and create! It also helped me cope with the darkest moments of my life through rituals and journaling and understanding and knowing that these intangible moments of my life can be scary but are also experienced and similarly lived through by others.


If, this sounds like something for you, consider checking us out.


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Alexa Black is a writer and amateur poet, mother of two beautiful babes, and a wife. She enjoys reading books about empowering women to stand up for themselves and Sci-Fi. Loves nature and sunflowers, Game of Thrones, and a coffee addict. Currently working on her first book of poetry for all to enjoy.

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