When I scroll down my Facebook newsfeed, I often come across numerous jokes and memes on mean bosses and though they may be funny, I can never bring myself to share them. This is because it just wouldn’t be fair to do so when I’ve been blessed in the boss department.

I joined work fresh out of law college. I didn’t know much – would be an understatement. Bookish knowledge had in no way prepared me for they reality of the profession. But, my boss never let that come in the way. He let me appear in court on my very first day. At that time of course I felt like a fish out of water but today, almost a year thereafter I realise he gave me experience. Even today, I’m still very new and everyday I learn more. But I know one thing, I can ask him anything and he will explain it patiently. He’s more of teacher than a boss.

It doesn’t just stop there. As I spent time with him I soon realised that not only was he a wonderful boss,but also a beautiful human being. He is humble and highly respectful towards everybody. He’s the type who would stay hungry to feed another.

Today he’s one of the few people who have my complete respect. And no matter where life takes me I will always have a very special place for him in my heart because he is someone I aspire to be. If I can amount to even 1% of what he is then I’ll know I’ve achieved something.






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Karishma R.K writes under the pseudonym of Phoenix Mode. She holds a degree in Law and describes herself as a lover of words, books, and animals. Karishma believes writers put a fragment of their soul in all that they write; bleeding their hearts and minds onto paper. Writing is something she started later in life, but doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

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