Being a twenty-year-old female in America today can be very hard. It is all about finding the perfect angle for that selfie, making sure that Instagram post is just right, and of course making sure you look cute and sexy because you never know when Mr. Right might appear.

Sadly I have to say once I hit twenty one I become one of those girls. I thought about my looks all the time. I ended up never posting anything on social media because, in my eyes, the photo did not look good enough to post. My weight was an out of control roller coaster. I was not falling apart yet but I was not happy.  In this post, you will learn about the moments when my health really mattered and made me a better young adult by thinking this way.

Once the Freshman 15 hit and my weight did not come off easy

College is freedom to every teenager because it means you are finally independent, and you can do anything you want. For me that meant I could eat anything I wanted; whenever I wanted it. Of course, I did my best to eat right and do as I was taught, but junk food was my fix and I ate.

Around Christmas break I went to the doctor I found out I was gaining weight. It was ten pounds which to most people might not mean much, but with my size it did. Once I got back to school I vowed I was going to get fit and lose weight. I must have been living in a daydream because the weight did not come off.

It took me till that summer with help from doctors to know that my weight might just stay at that point and I just have to learn how to maintain that weight. My weight still bothers me some days, but maintain was my new word, not lose or gain.

Losing friends and loved ones to health issues, and knowing it could happen to me 

Death is something that we know is one day coming and it never gets easy to accept. I went through a time period when I lost a couple of friends due to health issues that were possibly never talked about. It was very tough to deal with at times because I saw death as something that happens when a person gets older and gets to live a grateful life.

In this case, both of the people I lost were on the younger side. One was due to heart issues, and the other one was due to mental health issues. Once the grief process was over I had to come to terms with that these things could happen to me. Mental health is something I deal with every day, and I was always thinking: could it get that bad for me as well?

Once that thought came to my mind I knew to make myself healthy I had to get therapist help. Professional help really helped me reshape my thoughts for the better.

My environment was so cluttered, and I had to add organization to my lifestyle 

I am a person who doesn’t like clutter, but I have a problem where I can not seem to get out of it. I was so used to having it around; I did not see that it was doing bad things for my life. At one point I had like five planners and I barely used one of them.

My room had spots for everything but they were never in place. I was living with something that I did not have to. Recently I decided to clear out my room and start over. Organization was my new word. I do still have my days when it is hard to keep things in place, but I am trying my best to stay happy and organized

Having better friends made me have a healthy outlook on life.

When I started college I made friends quick. Being friendly and knowing how to make people laugh brought many friends in my circle. As time went on though things started to happen. My friends were not sticking around that long, and I did not know if they were being faithful friends or not.

I was not being invited to things, or if I went with them they acted like they did not want me around. I tried talking to them face to face but it did not seem to click with them. After nothing clicked; one of my friends that I did not talk to all the time told me “You need to hang with me, you need a good friend to be around “ Then I was put around groups of girls that cared about me and I knew I could trust them no matter what.

In this post, I express how I found ways to make my life healthier and happier. This topic can be hard to think about and how to express, but I hope this article helps you think about how you can make your young life great and healthy.

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Deja Barber is a 24-year-old blogger from North Carolina. Her favorite thing to write about is self-reflection pieces, bringing awareness to subjects, and to learn to just have fun in this crazy world.

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