Unfortunately, workplace injuries happen and they are not as rare as we might like. After initially getting injured, your first thought might be to protect your job, rather than yourself, by getting back to work as soon as possible. However, if you’re concerned that your injury is causing you more trouble than it should, you shouldn’t ignore it. Here are a few mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Not reporting it

The first thing you should do if you get injured at work is to report it. First of all, if you don’t report it, the employer can challenge your recollection of events later, such as claiming that the injury took place away from the worksite. For that reason, you should make sure that it’s reported in writing, such as being sent by email, with an appropriate third party such as the HR rep CC’d in. otherwise, it’s just important for employers to know about potential health risks in the workplace that they can then address. They may also be able to help you file workers’ comp to offer some financial assistance.

Not standing up for your rights

If your employer won’t help you with workers’ rights and they challenge your version of events, then you may have to fight them to help pay any associated medical bills. Teams like Buckingham Barrera Law Firm can help you do just that. If you do decide to press ahead with a suit against your employer, be sure to keep an eye out for signs of workplace retaliation. If your employer tries to punish you or treat you differently as a result of pursuing legal action, that is a crime.

Not going to the doctor

Naturally, if you’re worried about an injury, you should see a doctor. Some people will be concerned about the costs of doing so, but the pain caused by musculoskeletal injuries or slips, trips, and falls, for instance, can often be a lot deeper than it looks. Plus, if you’re making a claim against your employer for compensation, it’s important to show that you’re taking the injuries seriously. Even online consultations from services such as Second Medic can help if you’re not currently able to see your doctor in person due to your injury or other circumstances.

Getting back to work immediately

As mentioned, you might feel inclined to get back to work so you can keep earning and taking care of your responsibilities. But not getting enough rest can exacerbate your injuries to serious degrees. Take the time to recover from injury as best as you can, and talk to your doctor about your current physical level, such as what tasks you are able to do. They will let you know when it’s safe and wise to return to work.


It’s important to know your options when you’re dealing with a workplace injury and to not make any decision too rashy. If your injury ends up growing more severe because you didn’t deal with it appropriately, it can decrease the quality of your life forever.


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