Maintaining mental health is a constant battle that doesn’t stop even when you are at home. Sure, a house is a sanctuary, but the brain never stops turning regardless of its location. Sadly, this means some people have to deal with intense emotions even when they are not in the public eye. Not only is it stressful but it’s also tiring because the process never ends. Anyone who needs a break will be glad to hear this can change with a few simple tips. Here is how to take care of your mental health when you are at home.


Take Down The Mirrors

Women, in particular, have to deal with constant body pressures. Trying to fit into a mold set by the media is not easy or healthy. Still, it’s hard not to judge your appearance when there are mirrors in every room in the house. As soon as you catch a reflection, the mind will work overtime and insecurities will flood to the front of your brain. A simple solution is to take down mirrors which are only for decorative purposes. That way, the only time you will look at a reflective surface is when you need an unbiased opinion.



Maintaining a healthy mind requires quieting the brain. To do that, you need to relieve stress and put your emotions to one side. Not as easy as it sounds, is it? The truth is the majority of people have no idea how to clear their mind. Well, meditation is an excellent start. The entire process involves thinking deeply and being at one with the body. When this happens, the thoughts and fears which clog the brain tend to disappear. Sure, they will come back, but another bout of meditation will work wonders. Usually, a session in the morning and one at night is plenty.


Go Renewable

Saving the planet is a hot topic these days and for good reasons. However, one you may not be aware of is mental health. Studies show there is a link between CO2 and stress, so using renewable energy is a fantastic way to relieve tension. When you think about it, dirty air is bound to impact your health, both physical and mental. Installing energy efficiency solar technology is one way to reduce the house’s carbon footprint because it produces clean power. Also, it reduces the need to burn fossil fuels to create electricity. If renewable energy sources are too expensive, try using plants. Plants absorb CO2 and release O2, keeping the air supply fresh all year round.


Break The Pattern

A routine is an excellent way to keep the mind active. Still, doing the same thing over and over gets boring. Therefore, it’s imperative to break the chain every once in awhile. Do you get bored sitting in watching TV after work? Okay, then get in the car and go for a drive. Is your jogging route tiresome? Well, create a new one mix between the two.


If you can maintain your mental health at home, you can do it anywhere in the world.


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