To the man who steps into rubble of her past…thank you for efforts. Let me begin my saying we won’t judge you, should you change your mind.

On a bare perusal it may seem as though she’s fine but she not. She’s come to accept the fact that she’s going to take some more time to heal completely. Whether or not you choose to be a part of her journey, is your choice to make.

She’s a moody person coupled with the fact that she doesn’t ‘vibe’ with everyone, your first impression of her may have been that of an ice queen. She’s an introvert trying hard to push the envelope each day. It’s hard, but so important to her. Her trying to break out of her shell is most likely how you got to know each other and no, you weren’t drawn to her because of her looks. She’s too average for that. You may have felt drawn to her for the person that she is and now that you know her on a deeper level, you’re thinking of taking a chance on her.

But wait. Are you ready? Truly?

Because we really can’t take another hit. She invests in people and relationships too much (it drains me) and that has always been her downfall. But, that’s just who she is and since that’s not going to change anytime soon, I’m begging you to be the voice if sanity. Do you truly like her? Do you think you both could mean more to each other?

If it’s a no, back the hell away. If it’s a yes, take a chance on her and if she does the same, well, maybe we’ll meet…

You may be thinking that it would have just been simpler to meet her before she got burdened with her past but maybe, just maybe this is how things were meant to be. Maybe she had to gain some insight on the world and herself. Just maybe this is how you were meant to meet…


Her Heart

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