Accessibility is something we need to be mindful of in the 21st century. People are living longer, have more and more resources on their hands to keep their life varied and interesting, and there’s a very public agenda to make sure these resources are available to everyone out there.

Because of this, accessibility is one of the main selling points in the modern day and age, and the more inclusive you are of people with issues surrounding it, the better success you’ll have with your product or service.

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But in turning this on its head, let’s focus on how we can make the world more accessible for you; if you’re someone with a learning disability, a physical disability, or a chronic illness that slows down your life compared to someone else’s. The rest of this year and the year beyond it could be your perfect time to make the world revolve around you!

Get the Right Apps

Apps are at the forefront of the modern day and age. About 10 years ago you probably couldn’t even open the calculator app on your phone without the whole system crashing, and Snake was the only game you ever needed in your life. But today, we couldn’t imagine a smartphone in our pockets that didn’t have a few fun or interesting apps on it.

So be sure you’ve got some accessibility orientated apps on it, to make sure your phone is much more relevant to your life. For example, if phones are a bit fiddly, and you have trouble with navigating via the buttons on your home screen, apps like Assistive Touch can help you out. Or if you’re someone who’s very technology minded, but your wheelchair doesn’t help in your quest to turn off the lights at the end of the day, apps like IFTTT could be the perfect solution for you.

Get Perfectly Educated

Education is something most people in the world want to have, and not just any old educational program, but one that means a lot to employers the world around. All in all, you probably want to have a college degree in your hands, but having to go to college and completely upend your life because of it, is something you could never get on with.

Maybe the academic environment has always been trouble for you, or you’re someone who could never focus during exam season, with ADD or ADHD making it a panicked mess for you. But thankfully, you might not even have to confront a situation like this – when there are online degree programs such as DNP FNP online (which is quite a hefty qualification!), you know you’re going to be able to sit down at home with your college course in front of you, no matter how difficult a course you’ve been told it is!


Making the world more accessible isn’t something you should have to do alone. Make sure you’ve got help on hand.

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