Our love flows
in an endless circle,
a single river coursing
through my heart, and yours.

Our relationship is a conduit for love.
We are vessels for this sacred elixir;
drinking deeply from each other,
as our days become golden.

As love grows, it unifies,
blurring the boundaries
between you and me.

Through love, we two are made one.
Our relationship has a DNA unlike any other;
a new organism, inhabiting the universe.

Love’s power flows through our conjoined hearts,
strengthening weaknesses, and weakening fears.

Through love, your joys and sorrows
become mine, and mine are yours.
Because we are connected, we feel together.

Love’s paradox is that by giving
it is increased, not diminished.

Because we are part of love’s endless circle,
my happiness grows, by watering yours.

Love is our oasis
in the desert of the lonely.
We drink deeply,
and our wild hearts bloom.

Love is a circle,
drawing us ever closer
to its burning center.

Our deepest selves have kissed,
dancing to a music only we could hear.

You have plundered my secrets,
ravished my heart and left me gasping.

Joined in love’s circle,
I gave you my tomorrows.
Now our hearts live together
in a place called forever.


Love's Endless Circle - A Poetic Journey


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