When it comes to wedding planning, it’s safe to say that you’re always going to have a lot on your plate. With this being said, you shouldn’t feel like you should take up every responsibility. Some aspects like choosing a dress for the big day can be made easier by doing some research into something like Winnie Couture Chicago location and visiting a bridal store. There are always people out there willing to give you a helping hand and in times like this, it may be worth using their services. There are just so many different areas that you need to cover off. Some areas are always going to be a lot more fun to plan than others – and these are bound to vary based on your own personal interests. Because everyone will enjoy some aspects of their wedding more than others; it’s always going to be the way. However, there are always something that we tend to enjoy, and others that can be a lot more boring.

One of the things that’s always going to be much more fun than others is picking out your wedding stationery. Why? Because it’s one of the smaller jobs that doesn’t tend to put too much pressure on you, and doesn’t overly come with a lot of decisions. In general, when you’ve picked out the style you like, everything else will fall into place. However, you do still have to make sure that you have all the stationery covered off that you need. So if you’re not really sure what you should be including, here’s what you need to remember to tick off.

Save The Dates

The very first invite that you’re going to want to get together is your save the date cards. Some people will say this should be the engagement party invites, but as we’re talking all things wedding specific here, we’re going to say that saves the dates should be the very first step. You may want to pick out your design wisely here, as it will often set the theme of the rest of your wedding stationery. For this reason, it can be a good idea to work with the same company for each and every piece, starting with your save the dates.

Announcement Cards

Next, there are those kinds of cards that you use to make announcements for things to come. Some of these could include how you ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids! You may want to do this in a creative way, but if you are keeping it classic with stationery, then you’re going to want to cover this off next. Another area that could fall under this would be your hen party details. Of course, you may not want to send formal cards for this, but if you do, now’s the time to plan it.


Then we have the invitations themselves. Sometimes, you’ll actually pick out this design before you decide on the others. So you may already have your design in mind before sending out the save the dates and any announcements. Whether you choose modern wedding invitations or something quite classic, you need to nail this now. Sometimes, you won’t send them out for awhile, but you have to get them ordered and arranged as early as you can.

Invitation Inserts

At this point, you also need to decide whether you want to put in any invitation inserts or not. Examples of this could be an RSVP card for your guests to write back, directions to the venue, or even a sweet poem about your registry too. If you’re doing menu options, then it’s a good idea to also include that in an insert so your guests can send you their choices.

Order Of Service

Then it’s onto the wedding stationery you need for the big day itself. Of course, what you actually go for is going to completely depend on what kind of wedding you’re having and what you need. But we’re going to talk through some of the most common, like the order of service or ceremony plan. This is something that will have the running order of your actual wedding ceremony inside, along with any information that your guests may need, like hymn lyrics.

Seating Plan

Up next, another biggie is the seating chart. It’s highly likely that you’re going to spend hours if not days planning and rearranging this, so no matter how you choose to display it, you’ll probably want to make sure that you leave this until as late as possible. But, you have to have your plan laid out so that your guests know where they’re sitting when they arrive at the wedding breakfast.

Table Names

From there, it’s onto the table names themselves. Whether you’re choosing to get creative with your table naming or keeping it quite classic with numbers, you’re going to need to have displays made up so that each table can be labelled or numbered. Again, this should fall in line with whatever kind of stationery theme you’re working with so that everything seems unified. One thing I will point out, is that I have been using a portable printer throughout this whole wedding process and wow it has been a complete life saver. Until recently I didn’t even realise they existed, but when one of my friends realised how much I was printing out to place on tables or to keep organised, they showed me one they recently purchased from: https://brothermobilesolutions.com/products/mobile-printers/ and said it was brilliant and I cannot agree more.

Place Cards

Next, on the tables, you’ve also got your place cards to be thinking about. Again, this can be as creative or as classic as the rest of your wedding stationery. It can be a good idea to do some research here before you decide on any of the above. As you may find a place card idea or example that someone has done before that you really love, and then you can work it into the rest of your wedding stationery too.


You may also want to lay little menu cards at each place setting too. Not every wedding will want these, but they can be a nice little touch. To start with, it can be because you haven’t given options so you want to inform your guests of what will be on the menu for the day. But on the flipside, if you have given them options, the menu card can serve as a reminder for them as they may not remember what they chose when they RSVP’d.

Thank You Cards

Last but not least, you’ve also got the thank you cards to consider too. Sometimes, these can be an afterthought. But as you’re pulling all of your wedding stationery together, it can actually be a nice touch to get your thank you cards to coordinate with everything else.

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