Addiction, it is a word loaded with meaning, but it’s usually unfairly categorized in terms of those who are struggling with an illegal substance, or people may feel that it is their own doing, nobody else’s. In actual fact, the path of addiction is something that you can inherit.

The big thing about looking after yourself if you have an addiction, and you have addressed that you need help, is relying on people for support. This isn’t always an easy thing to do. And by the same token, you shouldn’t rely on people to get you through a problem that you need to tackle first. So, when it comes to looking after yourself when you have any form of addiction, like alcohol, or even junk food, what is the best road to recovery?

Loving Yourself

While you can find many articles about looking after yourself in old age, or by embarking on a healthier path by eating healthily or indulging in healthy habits, the hardest thing for anybody to do, regardless of their affliction, is to look in the mirror and start to accept themselves. It’s much easier for us to indulge in self-hatred after the amount of heartache we finally realized we’ve caused our loved ones, but before the healing can begin, you need to let go of this hate. And this isn’t an overnight cure, to develop this takes a long time.

Seeking Treatment

Inevitably, once you have admitted to yourself that you have a problem; the talk will turn to addressing the problem, which means seeking professional treatments. And while there are numerous support organizations that can help, such as Muse Treatment, you need to sit down with the ones who truly care about you and discuss the most suitable form of treatment. This may not even mean going to a treatment facility, but maybe treatment in the form of counselling, hypnotherapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy, there are various avenues to go down. Don’t be surprised if your loved ones have a different idea than yourself as to what makes a suitable treatment. This is because if you have been hiding something from them for so long, they may feel that they have a better idea of what will benefit you. It can be hard to accept this, but you should go along with it.

Fighting The Battle

It wouldn’t be fair to use the words winning the battle because for anybody that has a form of addiction, mental health problems, or anything that has caused anguish to themselves or their loved ones knows the importance of fighting the battle on a daily basis. Beating addiction is something that can be done, but it is something that goes on for a long time, and it requires strength, mental and emotional strength. Relapse is one of those dreaded words after you have sought treatment, that if you have the strength to be able to acknowledge this, you can address the problem, and begin to fight again.

Looking after yourself in the throes of addiction is never an easy thing, and it cannot be summed up in a few hundred words. But the important thing to take away is that once you have addressed the fact that you need help, embrace this help, as there are people who love you and will support you along the way, just as long as you have that little ounce of strength left to continue fighting.

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