I am so excited to tell you all about the highly anticipated volume 2 of April Green’s Bloom for Yourself collection. For anyone who is familiar with the author, her writing is gentle and refreshing. It is inspirational and revitalizing in a way that soothes your soul in one breath and completely invigorates its passion and drive in another.

April Green has an impeccable talent for making you feel seen and heard while also encouraging you to not grasp too tightly to things no longer meant for you.

Her underlying message throughout the book is always of growth: she speaks of the healing powers we experience when we release, when we let go. It is how we truly blossom into the best versions of ourselves.

Bloom for Yourself II: Let Go and Grow is a beautiful continuation of volume one, with much of the same eloquence we have come to know and love from April Green. The cover art is absolutely lovely, an elegant representation of the poetry and prose that wait to be unfolded by the reader within its pages.

An early favorite of mine is an excerpt from page 10 which reads,

“the taste of another chance, rising like a promise at the back of your throat, should give you the courage to look more closely at all the things that are causing any pain. We all deserve another chance: not a second chance—another chance (the earth gives us as many chances as we need). 

This is such a refreshing reminder to the reader.

Too often, we cling to our painful pasts, white-knuckled and terrified, because we feel unworthy of a second chance, a new beginning. Green reminds us that the universe is infinitely merciful and will not only give us a second chance but will provide us with as many chances as we need.

This revelation is a profound one and an excellent lesson for the reader: that we can find great courage in the promise of another chance and that we can start again, over and over, as many times as we need to.

Throughout the collection, Green talks a lot about holding on: we hold on to past loves, past experiences, past pain. We hold on to what hurts, what fractures, what splinters inside of us. We so often become discouraged by the traumas of our past. We get lost in a whirlwind of broken promises and shattered illusions and can find it hard to take another step.

But, Green’s soothing voice continues to call out to all of us as we read, reminding us that the key to growth is letting go. Feel the emotion, but then let it go. Acknowledge the pain, but then let it go. Sit with your fears and doubts, but then let them go. Because it is only when we let these negative forces go that we can make room for love, for acceptance, for kindness. We can’t reach out with open arms if we are busy clinging to the hurt of our past.

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Green reminds us to experience our present moment, to open wide to possibilities, to step forward into our own truth and our own purpose. It doesn’t mean that we will have it all figured out, but it means we are willing, we are faithful, and we believe that our stories are just getting started. Her writing reminds us all to listen to our hearts because they will guide us to our purpose.

We must be gentle with ourselves as we find our way, but we WILL find our path in time. But, part of finding our path is that we must step forward into forgiveness, love, faith, belief, and courage. We must strap our authenticity to our backs and continue on. It will carry us like newly forged wings, not like the burdens we thought they once were.

Another favorite excerpt of mine comes from page 183:

“finally, I am more part flowers than pain. (nothing has ever tasted so sweet).”

This is a beautiful testament to what the collection as a whole strives to accomplish. The author writes of new beginnings, of healing what hurts. This means letting go of what isn’t meant for us while learning to bloom for ourselves. We nurture our hearts, water our souls, replenish our minds, and just like that: we bloom.

One of the things I’ve always loved about April Green is her spirit. She is able to connect across the pages to every reader. Her words comfort like an old friend and soothe like a much-needed breath of fresh air. This collection did not disappoint. Bloom for Yourself II: Let Go and Grow is a “must-have” for anyone who is longing for the warm rays of a fresh start. Do yourself a favor and go get this book. Your heart and soul will thank you.

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