A Review of A Bridge Between Chaos by Alexa Gonzalez Bruno (review written by Liz Newman)

medium psychic Spiritual. Spooky. Sincere. These are just a few words that came to mind as I read A Bridge Between Chaos by Alexa Gonzalez Bruno. In her debut collection, the author explores the contrasting emotions and energies we deal with in our day-to-day life.

She discusses heartbreak, loss, death, self-identity, romance, and uncertainty. She writes in a vulnerable and honest way with a very obvious passion for her subject matter. Her words make you feel like you are getting a glimpse into her world while also reflecting on your own.

In a beautiful piece titled “Stumbled” the author writes:

“I stumbled across you. Looked upward. Into your glorious eyes. Felt the stars and the universe touch for the first time. Lost in your glorious eyes, I found the world.”

I thought this was so beautiful and such a perfect way to describe when you experience life-changing love. The world shifts. Your perspective shifts. Things seem to be clearer, to make more sense. You feel like you’ve caught a glimpse of your future, and it is an awe-inspiring view.

The author also touches on the subject of parenthood and the highs and lows that come with it. She discusses times of uncertainty, wondering if she is good enough for her family and a good enough version of herself. She talks about feeling discouraged and unsure of who she is as she finds a way to juggle all of her different roles. I think that this discussion is so raw and honest and is going to connect with lots of women. I love how she ends on a hopeful note with this subject as she reminds herself and her readers that you are still the person you’ve always been.

I really appreciated how the emotions of the author spilled out onto the pages so perfectly. In an excerpt of “Wild Words”, Bruno writes:

“I held onto that hurt until my heart broke. Until the blood dripped out. And eventually turned my heart to ash. That power broke me. I- gave you that magic. Over me. I gave those words life. Indeed I am Nothing.”

This was such a relatable piece discussing how we often tie our worth to relationships and how easily that worth can shatter right alongside our hearts. I really loved how the author is so honest throughout this collection. She isn’t afraid to discuss her highest highs and her lowest lows. This is such a powerful trait of a writer, as it takes a certain amount of courage to allow readers in like that.

My favorite poem from the collection is titled “Scrawlings”:

“I took all my blood/ tears, heart and soul/ from my body./Poured it into a bowl./Swirled it around./ Created magic with my/ hopes, dreams and wishes./Gave you a peek at an/ Almost truthful past./Lived a thousand lives/in a few sentences./Wove together a world/just for you to escape to.”

This is such a profound and perfect way to describe the power of poetry. It is a transformation, for the reader and the writer. It unites people in truly exceptional ways.

The author has done a great job of creating magic throughout this collection, showing you glimpses of her soul. She discusses her take on the supernatural, including poems on being a medium. She discusses her experiences with motherhood, love, and loss. She touches on a myriad of topics that are sure to connect with her readers. This is a great debut collection, truly unique and special, birthed from a true passion for poetry.



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