I wanted to write about gratitude in our lives because we often take things for granted without giving a second thought to what we have or what we have shared with others. Gratitude is the appreciation of people and things in your life. Take a moment to stop and think about what you are grateful for. Surprisingly, it is the smallest moments that we sometimes remember the most. And, oftentimes we don’t even realize they are happening till much later when they have become a memory.

We are so busy thinking about what we will do tomorrow, next week or next year, that we forget to live in the “now”. And, these “now” moments are happening in your life at this very moment. They are your life. Why do we wait and wait for things to happen, as if we have the luxury of time. Time passes so quickly, and we don’t even realize how quickly, until we look back later and see how much we may have missed along the way.

How many times have we looked back on our lives and thought to ourselves, I wish I had done this or that, taken more chances and more risks. And, maybe you even look back now and have regret for the things you never took the time to appreciate while they were happening to you. Little do we know; these times turn into the “good old days” and you will wish for them again. And,  there are certain moments that are lost to us forever if we do not act upon them. But you wait because you always think you have tomorrow to do it.

But the truth is, all we really have is right now. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us.  Be thankful for this moment in your life, for this is all we have. Make it count. The small things we take for granted were never really small. These will be the memories you remember the most.  N.R.Hart


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