The last few years have managed to have a lasting impact on my way of thinking and behaving. When you realise that life can change in an instant you tend to value things more.  The old saying is true, you realise the value of something only after losing it. So why not truly live?

Embrace your true self and stop stifling your thoughts and emotions. People come and go what will always remain will be a sense of self. So start by respecting and loving yourself. Be completely unapologetic about who you are and the right people will gravitate towards you.

Speak your mind and your heart. Life is short do you really want to regret not speaking up or not telling someone how you feel?

Follow your dreams. Never stop dreaming. You’re never too old to dream. It all begins with a dream.

Spend time with people who truly matter. Never het so caught up in life that you overlook people who love you.

Be kind. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing but makes a world of a difference to the one who receives it. Let kindness be your legacy.

Whatever came to your mind while reading this is what you should pursue. Don’t let it go unattended any longer. Take that first step and the road will form and if you fall, at least you’ll not be a victim of regret.

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